What is up with People?

02 Nov

What is up with people? I was at a Walgreen’s Pharmacy drive-up, and I’d been there a while. Not by choice, but because it was taking them a long time to figure out anyone had signed up for a COVID test today (since there were few spots open when I scheduled last night, there must have been more than a few of us seeking the test).

After about 15 minutes, the car behind me starts honking and screaming for me to get out of the way … because they had a COVID test appointment. I heard all of this perfectly clear with just my driver’s window down from the car behind me. I just put my hands up in the air, like “I don’t know”. And they honked and screamed all the louder.

It’s not like they were going to get their test any faster since the lady was clearly printing out paperwork for numerous of us. And you can’t get the test without multiple trees worth of paper on their end. Thank goodness I just got a receipt and a sheet of where to look for the results.

Finally, the pharmacist comes to the window, puts out the test, I do the swabby thing, turn it in, and drive forward just enough for them so I can stop and blow my nose from doing the swabby thing.

Then I thought, maybe I should have stayed there to blow my nose, and not pulled ahead. But that’s not the Christian thing to do. And I shouldn’t return blatant anger with passive aggressive anger. But part of me still wishes I had. The human in me wants both compassion and revenge.

Again, I ask, what is up with people? They had no idea why I was there. They had no idea if I was getting a prescription test or a COVID test. I pray we can slow down in life and respect each other.

Although later, I was backing out of a parking place, and no cars were nearby. A car whips in the drive of the store, and nearly hits me … all the while honking and screaming at me. I was nearly out of my spot, and I saw them come slamming into the lot, so I know I wasn’t at fault. Except maybe I was at fault for using a parking space designated to be used for the business I was leaving.

Sorry for the rant. I pray for patience and peace and more patience again.

Moral of the story: What is up with people?!?!?!?

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