The MAD Life: Episode 28

22 Jun

So this is how perimenopause is going: I just joined 15 groups on facebook about it. The migraine and dementia groups have helped a lot. Over time, I may add or remove groups as I learn which help most.

I finished listening to What Fresh Hell Is This by Heather Corinna (they/them). It’s a fantastic book, and I’m anxiously awaiting my paper copy. They provided too many great tips and resources to even try to remember to write down when I parked.

In the meantime, I realized I’ve joined groups in the past that have been greatly beneficial. Now, we shall see. If you’re going down this path, and it’s particularly NOT fun, I’d love to chat.

Moral of the story: Seek help! Find resources. Get information. Join support groups of any kind – in person, video chats, facebook, email … whatever. Don’t go it alone. You’re never alone. Someone else is suffering too. When two or more can relate together, it divides the pain.

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