Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for, and I’m praying there is much for you to give thanks for as well. Keeping all in prayer who I know are not having the best holiday season.

A few things on my list this year:

  • Friends! So many good friends that I get to dine with, see movies with, travel to exotic places like Shipshewana with, craft with, talk with, sit in silence with, and celebrate life with.
  • Family! So many good people that are my relations, by blood and by choice.
  • Faith! Although I’m sluggishly making it through a 24-week Bible Study, I am glad for the opportunity to worship, read the Bible anywhere and anytime, and enjoy fellowship with my faith family.
  • Fur! I wear the fur in my world with joy, because it means that I have furry friends and family to bring so much love and joy. Although my two best girls passed on this year, my mom’s cat Joy and I are bonding nicely (and she’s biting less now that she’s getting more attention – score!).
  • Seasons! Although the cold and snow is a frustrating pain, I love the smaller bugs and lesser snakes it provides in this Great Lakes State.
  • Working! Employment is a good thing, no matter if it means I must arrive before I’m awake.
  • Grief! Yep, I’ve come to realize in this 10th year since my nice Erin passed, 11th year since my dad passed, and 20th year since my sister Cheri passed that the pain of losing them is definitely better than not having ever been blessed to know them. I couldn’t bear my migraines so well without having witnessed my sister’s endurance of epilepsy. My dad was a remarkable person, and I wouldn’t know the best possible life to live without him. My niece Erin was joy, and for her I know how to have fun. There are so many more who have passed that have taught me so much, and I know that I will one day be re-united with all of them. So the pain today, is worth the joy of yesterday and tomorrow.
  • Joy! Sure, there are things in life that suck, but I choose to concentrate on the joy. Perhaps I’m a bit of a Polly Anna (did I even spell that right?), but it sure keeps me functioning to live life in that way. The table is set for Thanksgiving with china plates, silverware, autumn leaf napkins, a floral arrangement with a candle in the center, a gallon of cider, and quite the long, long table.
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Sunday’s Joy

On Sunday, there was much joy! There were four people in church who have not been able to be there regularly – some for a long while, others more recently: Amy, Donna, Linda, and Sally. It made my heart sing to see each of them!

For lunch, friends and family from two to eighty-eight years of age gathered together to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday.   Such a blessing to enjoy family and friends for a momentous occasion.

To top if off, the people of Hunan Gardens were so kind, even cutting and serving the cake friend Kerrie gave my mom for her birthday. Adorably, my young, great niece and her mom helped to serve it.

Remember to find joy in every day! Even when you have a migraine and allergies.

A large group of people for a group photo in a restaurant.


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Veteran’s Day Vets

Thinking of a couple of young Veteran’s in my world today. Nephews both. Keeping them in heart and prayer, especially the one who saw active service less than ten years ago.

Love them both, wish them both well in all aspects of life, and know some days are easier than others. These nephews of mine are cousins to each other. They completed a triathlon together. This is a very clear photo of them during the swim portion (ha, ha). We had fun cheering for them, and it was an honor to be there for them.

Here’s to all who have served in any capacity. You is precious and valued!

Two yellow swim caps way out yonder, swimming for a triathlon.

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The Coffee Thing

I’d like to chime in on this Starbucks red cup coffee thing. Umm… I don’t like their coffee, so I really don’t care.

Plus, they’re not killing people (although drinking their coffee sometimes feels like it) or banning anyone from celebrating Christmas, so I’m confused about the hubbub. And last I knew, their cups weren’t covered with nativities or Baby Jesus, so I’m not sure how continuing to not have Christ on their cups impacts any of the upcoming holidays.

I like my coffee mild and all dolled up with cream, sugar, and fun flavors. Biggby it is! (Although it’s much more affordable to mix it up on my own.) I even drink the coffee with orange used on the cup when I do go to Biggby. For as much as I like autumn, you’d think I like the color orange. Well, I don’t, but it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying an elixir so divine.

An image with a cup of coffee, it says,

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You Are Light

There are people I know in this world who let their light shine. They sparkle in the sunshine and they make any night bright. They inspire, bring hope, and give joy every day.

I give thanks for so many people of light in my life. They are at work, at church, at the grocery store, at the library. They are leaving little bits of light every where they go and making the world a better place.

A street light lite up at night with dark trees in the background.

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I’m Old & Comfort is Autumn’s Gift

I am Rufus.

Dog walking on pavement to the leaf pile.

I am old, and this pavement is no place to rest.

Dog nearly to the leaf pile.

But here is a very fine pile of leaves over there.

Dog getting into the thick leaves preparing to lay down.

I need to look around to make sure it’s the best.

Dog looking up to ensure that he's in the best spot possible.

Yes, this is the spot autumn has created for my old bones. Life is good here.

Dog resting nicely on leaf pile.

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What’s Keeping You?

What’s keeping you from doing laundry?

Contemplation on all things life?

A gray and black tiger kitty sitting in a laundry basket.

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