A Season of Grief

My Pastor named this time in my life well: A Season of Grief.

The non-profit program I have worked in for the last seven years is coming to an end on October 31, 2015. We are part of the cuts to create funding for the roads from MEDC. Without state funding, we lose our federal funding since an equal match is required to receive federal monies. Half of the programs like ours statewide are being eliminated. Not only do  request prayers for the dozen of my colleagues across the state and myself to find good work quickly. Fortunately, we are at the best possible local host to lose our jobs. So far, they have been beyond kind in this frustrating situation.

In other news, I have at least stopped going to the ladies room every 1/2 hour over this news, but I am now shedding more than the cats. How do I know? I’m finding my hair on them! Thank goodness I have much of the thin stuff, so it will take a while to be noticeable. Unless I get to stop this form of stress and start stressing in another way. Resumes, cover letters, and interviews, oh my!

In addition, I am still grieving my cat Daffodil. My mom has said several times that she’s never seen such a sick animal live her life with such grace and dignity. She’s right. That sweetie pie was sagging skin and thin bones by her end. But she still took such good care of her most beautiful hair that one could not tell unless they touched her to know how thin she had become. Although moving hurt, she sat still, tall, and elegant, so one could not see her turmoil. She was still extra kind to me with my migraines – caring more for me than for her own misery. Learning to live without her is like having my heart cut from my chest and stuck back in pieces that don’t fit well together anymore.

Not much humor for this blog today, except for finding more of my hair on the cats than I find cat hair on me. Well, there is some humor. Our clock that has a lovely little ding dong ring on the hour is dying. At least the little ding dong thingy bob is coming to its end. It starts off sounding lovely, but then sounds like a ghost calling for out with ooh’s and ah’s. Very appropriate for Halloween. That makes me giggle senselessly. A good thing right now. I do believe that laughter can heal.

Actually, that leads me to one more humorous thing: In our 24 week Bible Study class (we’re in week three), our eldest member said tonight, “My mom never would have let me read a book with so much sex in it.” Genesis has it going on! Although, it’s often cousins, multiple wives, and 1/2 siblings, so most of us are a lot grossed out by it. And yet, because of this, giggles abound in this Bible Study group of Christian friends. I thank God for such wonderful people in my life: work, church, and otherwise. So many blessings.

Diluted calico kitty on a cherry dresser with photos and a jewelry box behind her. She is laying on her tummy with her back gray food out a bit and her eyes looking at us intently.

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Daffodil’s Last Day

Today was Daffodil’s last day. I will miss her greatly.

Of all the house-cats we’ve had thus far, Daffodil was the first to choose me. My first, Ashlee, a gift from the Lubbert family upon High School Graduation loved all of us equally. Jasmine loved my mom the most. Daisy selected my dad. Daffodil was the one who selected me! I was her chosen human. Of the two remaining, Joy likes both of us and Merry is totally my mom’s cat. Being chosen is a very special gift.

This little lady’s grace shone through until her last. Her long lovely locks never lost their luster in all her illness. Although she has been merely fur and bones for months, she’s continued to rule the roost of this home keeping all others in line with her steely eyed glare, and no need to raise a paw for control. She knew where she wanted to be and when, and she would arrive with grace and beauty, no matter the journey to get there. She still had spunk to run until this week. She made it to the litter box as often as she was able, no matter how she felt. She only ever begged with sweetness and gentle paws, assuring to get what she desired by her kindness in asking. And she always let me sleep in on Saturdays.

Daffodil was quiet (unless meat was cooking), sweet (especially when she was the sole source of my attention), strong (she lived 6 months past her drop dead date and a total of one and a half years with severe kidney failure), wise (you could just see the wisdom in her eyes when I read to her), and intelligent (if you played with a toy on a string, she would pat your hand and not the toy, because she knew you were holding the string that was tied to the toy).

Now she is with her sister and grandpa in heaven. She is also with my sister’s dog, Shadow – who passed on Tuesday. And my friend’s bunny OPI, who passed on Wednesday. So many furry friends at one time.

I thank everyone who has supported us in this journey of living with and caring for a terminally ill kitty. Most of my supporters have been there, and I appreciate the care and prayers. My prayer is that everyone know the love of a furry friend. It is worth the pain of loss to have those cherished memories and stories and love in your life.

Daffodil Ann, thank you for choosing me. I chose you too! You remain loved and treasured for always.

Calico cat laying on a chair on her side.

A princess award-like thing and a calico cat with her shiny green eyes and white chest looking at you.


Calico cat on mauve chair, sleeping, her arm over her foot. Diluted calico long-haired cat sitting in front of a basket with her nose in the air while she rests on fluffy pillows. A diluted calico cat with a white chest and gray and peach on her back and face sits on a mauve chair with a quited head rest. It reads, "Kim Marei's Daffodil, Not that one can own a Cat." A kitty with a crocheted circle on her head. She says, "I'm the eldest cat in the house. Even so, my mommy sometimes puts innappropriate crocheted objects on my head." 2013_04_13_4522 Sign IMG_8333 2 x 2 Sign IMG_0024 Sign IMG_3389 Sign IMG_6950 Sign IMG_2739 Sign Daffodil's Sun Nap Sign 2013_01_19_4034 Gray Green SIGN IMG_1910 Sign IMG_5509 Sign IMG_0062 Sign IMG_2797 Sign IMG_2677 Sign IMG_0152 Sign IMG_0436 Sign IMG_0045 Sign IMG_0062 Sign IMG_3599 Sign P1000671 Small Sig IMG_9156 Small Sing  IMG_9158 SmallIMG_9157 Small IMG_6411 Small Signature DandD Signed 2012_12_07_3784 Signature Small

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National Dog Day 2015

An 85 plus pound mutt with lovely chestnut fur and black tips holding a bone.


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Three Joys: August 18, 2015

Today at work was rough, and I made some mistakes. I feel dreadful, and things don’t always turn out great in the midst of struggle. I need to do better and learn from these times. I need to listen more than I talk (which is more difficult the older I get).

And yet, there’s good in the world, no matter how I feel about myself at this moment. So I have found three joys to celebrate for today:

  1. Watching the hummingbirds flit around their hot air balloon drinking fountain.
  2. Daffodil becoming jealous of me lavishing some attention on Joy (the cat – not the emotion). Sometimes it’s nice to be in demand, especially for furry snuggles.
  3. A naughty lunch (whopper with cheese & extra pickles) with a phenomenal colleague and friend.

What brought you joy today?

Daffodil in the front and Joy looking on in the back.


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Happy Birthday, To Me!

What a crazy and fun day! I got mom up, talked her into preparing my divine breakfast, and enjoyed the morning. Until she left for the family breakfast. However, being Saturday, I knew she’d come back long before she would normally come home from work.

Once she got home, she started cleaning and preparing veggies for salad (thanks to her nephews who plant a beautiful garden for the family). Yuck! Finally though, she did make chicken for me (and some for company too). She sautéed it like her friend Stacy taught her. Yum!

Some of our family came over and shared salad and cake, but they let me eat chicken. Of course, I’m not supposed to have that, being on a kidney failure diet and all. However, I won’t eat if I have to eat the kidney food – it’s nasty. After the last time mom heard that I was on borrowed time … significantly, she finally gave up trying to make me eat yucky stuff and stuck with 100% baby food. Mmmmm good! And that’s been many weeks now. Still here! As you’ll notice below, my fur is still delightful and my eyes still shine.

My cousin’s little people made me a neat hat, which I even wore for you. I also received a card and flower! This in addition to lots of loving pets all day long and real chicken. May your birthday be all you wish for! Mine was even more than that!

A princess award-like thing and a calico cat with her shiny green eyes and white chest looking at you.

A yellow birthday cake with gree grass, red flowers, lady bugs, and a greeting,

The image of a table center piece made of round paper with a pink stripped border and butterflies wishing a Happy Birthday. Purpose tissue stuff below. Yellow field flowers in a small vase beside it.

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One Day until 17 Years: God is Good

Tomorrow is my big day! I’m extra excited for this weekend. I’ve always liked weekends because everyone usually stays home, or at least comes home more often. This weekend will be great, because I’ll have extra time with those I love.

I know that God did not give me kidney failure. It’s just a part of life for some of us felines go through. God doesn’t do that to His beings, because He gave us free will when we left the Garden of Eden (of course there were cats in that garden). We also have all that comes with free will. Yet God loves us and is here to provide comfort. He whispers love into my furry ears. One of these days, He’ll welcome me to Heaven where I’ll be with those who have gone before me.

Until then, I’ll be waking my mom up a bit earlier than she’d like for a Saturday, explaining that so long as she’s up she may as well provide my gourmet breakfast. Later, I’ll go to the guest room and take the sunniest spot, as it is my right as the matriarch. On rainy days, I’ll curl up under the softest covers I can find. When meat is cooked, I’ll explain my urgent need for meat (starting from the moment it leaves the refrigerator until the last bite is taken). I shall purr when my chin is scratched. I will provide radar ears for the entertainment of humans while I meditate. I may even permit my mom to pet Joy from time to time without a jealous glare … or at least I’ll try to look innocent and pleasant about it.

Although life can be short for some, painful for others, and everyone has rough spots, God is Good. All the time. At least that’s my perspective.

Calico cat laying on a chair on her side.

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Two Days until 17 Years: Color Your World

Sweet! Only two days to go! Well, really only one, since I can’t get on the computer until mom is done for the night and busy making my super supper.

I am a diluted calico cat. So was my sister. Our friend Merry (well, she’s usually friendly) is a more of a traditional calico. Mom talks about an old barn cat that was a tortoise-shell calico, mostly black with some orange and droplets of white. What we all have in common is color. Even Joy, with her gray and black tiger markings.

Color is important to my world. It makes things pretty, and I like things pretty. My mom doesn’t like a lot of pink, but I am a girly girl and find frilly colors fun. Sure, she’ll wear it and have bits of it around, but she would never use it as a decorating theme. I would!

I happen to have the prettiest green eyes, but instead of highlighting that shining color, my mom sometimes calls me her “big eyed girl”. Seriously? No one would consider that a compliment. Alright, she says that cows have big eyes, and they are the most beautiful, so having big eyes is a beautiful attribute. Whatever. I’ve never met a cow, so I wouldn’t know.

Color is also in feelings. Another nickname for me is “Sunny girl”, because I have a sunny disposition. When mom is happy, she says she is “peachy.” When she is sad, she says she is “feeling blue.”

Color is a great thing to have. Someday, maybe a calico cat can color your world!


IMG_3599 Sign

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