I Miss You … Greatly!

May 26, 2016
Dear Attention Span,
I am very sad that you chose to take a vacation day from my life. I know I don’t give thanks for you on a regular basis, but I truly do appreciate you. You keep me on track, keep me from opening eight projects and only finishing 1/2 of one, and keep me sane. Even in tonight’s Bible Study you would have been most beneficial to my ability to participate in the conversation. Today was quite unproductive without you in every way.
Please, I pray you will come back tomorrow. I welcome you in my life! I promise to show more gratitude for the sanity you bring to every aspect of my life.
Yours Truly,

Squirrel from Office Window (when I was upstairs)

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The Things They Have in Common

Although I miss my girls Daisy and Daffy, I am getting to know Miss Joy. We’ve been slowly building our relationship. My girls would NOT allow it when they were alive. If I paid too much attention to Joy or Merry, they would pay the price. Yes, I raised a couple of bully cats.

I am finding that Joy has a few things in common with Daffy. First, when Joy is begging, I am NOT allowed to pet her. Petting is permitted at most other times, but begging is serious work and distractions are against the rules. Fortunately, like Daffy, Joy is a somewhat distant and quiet beggar. She’s never in my face, and she doesn’t poke at my dish. At least not until she thinks I’m done. Then Joy stealthily makes her move. The thing I miss about Daffy was that she gave up fairly quickly. Joy has staying power and waits until the bitter end … no matter how slow I may be at finishing a meal that interests her.

Another trick they have in common is being quiet. Actually both Daffy and Daisy were both usually quiet girls, rarely talking, and more often mmmming. Kind of like a humm, but a gentle mmmmm. Merry is our talker, and she is NOT to be ignored. I am so glad that my new partner in crime is a quiet and gentle lady.

Lastly, she is a good sleeper. Actually, she has this in common too with both of my long-hair girls. Merry is yet again in a class all her own, waking my mom super early and repeatedly. Not my sweet Joy! She is glad to let me sleep so that she too can have her beauty sleep. Also like my girls, Joy will go back to bed when I head out for work. Okay, Merry goes back to bed after she kicks mom out of it, but Joy is content to come back to bed even if I’m in it on a weekend.

The one thing Joy does not have in common with our other cats, past or present, is dancing and singing for her food. So long as she thinks I might come give her some kitty crunchies, she is up there ready, dancing in circles and singing a song of elation for her meal. And I feed her small meals. Because she has tummy issues, I have to break her meals into three smaller parts. Then she seems to keep it down much better. She will sing and dance just the same for the first small portion as the last. My Joy is a joy!

A gray, short-hair tiger cat sitting upright on carpeting with a couch and table behind her.


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Best Jam Ever!

Friday, January 22, 2016 – I was not only blessed to have lunch with friend Randi with whom I get to share the joys of yarn projects and cat friends, but we also had a delicious lunch at Studio Grill. I love their raspberry jam, and I asked years ago if they would sell it, but they said no. On this day, I asked again, and the answer was YES!

I had it on toast both Saturday and Sunday. My mom usually doesn’t care for jam with seeds, but even she enjoyed this! I am maintaining control and not just eating it with a spoon … yet.

20160123_094004 Signed.jpg

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Church Family … and More Family

I count as a blessing that our Pastor’s wife is a Deacon. They make a beautiful and faithful team. However, we have an additional Associate Pastor – or in our case a SHED Pastor, meaning Sunnyside Hospitality, Discipleship, and Education Pastor. The more delightful part of this SHED Pastor is that he is the father of our Deacon.

Our Pastor’s provide Communion each Sunday. Usually, our Pastor and Associate Pastor together provide the Communion readings. Today, not only did our Pastors work together, when it was time to serve, our Pastor’s young son also came up hoping to help.

I consider my fellow church goes at Sunnyside family. But it is extra special that our Pastoral Care is family to one another. Doubly Blessed!

IMG_6190 Sign

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I scored! As concerning as yesterday’s fear of waking up today with pink eye was to me, today was even more delightful because I do NOT have pink eye! Just a congested eyeball. Yuck, but I’ll take it over the other any day.

Prayer, essential oils, the recommended eye drops, and antihistamine medication may have been contributing factors. Just so glad to NOT have that highly contagious illness!

IMG_6405 Signed

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Some Days…

Some days start off as if they’ll go right down hill, but they don’t. Other days seem as though they are going to be great, but they take a turn for the worse.

I celebrated last week when I did no obvious damage to the garage. I opened the garage door for the OTHER car, not mine. When I looked in my side mirror and saw the light of day, I started backing up … only to hit the door because the door behind MY car was NOT open. Oops!

I thought the day would turn into one big boo-boo, but it turned out quite well. Only a titch of paint on the outside came loose.

Today, although I had little sleep last night, I woke on time with a slightly itchy eye. I thought I’d get better, but the pain only got worse at work, and it turns out I might have the beginnings of pink eye. Because of the chance of a contagious illness, I was not able to volunteer at the Kalamazoo Free Store this evening. I was really looking forward to it. So, what seemed like a good thing first thing turned out to be a not such a good thing later in the day.

Just saying, we never know what each day will bring, good or bad. May all of your days be GOOD!

The outside of a garage door with the sunset reflecting in the three windows across the top. All shades of purples and reds.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for, and I’m praying there is much for you to give thanks for as well. Keeping all in prayer who I know are not having the best holiday season.

A few things on my list this year:

  • Friends! So many good friends that I get to dine with, see movies with, travel to exotic places like Shipshewana with, craft with, talk with, sit in silence with, and celebrate life with.
  • Family! So many good people that are my relations, by blood and by choice.
  • Faith! Although I’m sluggishly making it through a 24-week Bible Study, I am glad for the opportunity to worship, read the Bible anywhere and anytime, and enjoy fellowship with my faith family.
  • Fur! I wear the fur in my world with joy, because it means that I have furry friends and family to bring so much love and joy. Although my two best girls passed on this year, my mom’s cat Joy and I are bonding nicely (and she’s biting less now that she’s getting more attention – score!).
  • Seasons! Although the cold and snow is a frustrating pain, I love the smaller bugs and lesser snakes it provides in this Great Lakes State.
  • Working! Employment is a good thing, no matter if it means I must arrive before I’m awake.
  • Grief! Yep, I’ve come to realize in this 10th year since my nice Erin passed, 11th year since my dad passed, and 20th year since my sister Cheri passed that the pain of losing them is definitely better than not having ever been blessed to know them. I couldn’t bear my migraines so well without having witnessed my sister’s endurance of epilepsy. My dad was a remarkable person, and I wouldn’t know the best possible life to live without him. My niece Erin was joy, and for her I know how to have fun. There are so many more who have passed that have taught me so much, and I know that I will one day be re-united with all of them. So the pain today, is worth the joy of yesterday and tomorrow.
  • Joy! Sure, there are things in life that suck, but I choose to concentrate on the joy. Perhaps I’m a bit of a Polly Anna (did I even spell that right?), but it sure keeps me functioning to live life in that way. The table is set for Thanksgiving with china plates, silverware, autumn leaf napkins, a floral arrangement with a candle in the center, a gallon of cider, and quite the long, long table.
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