Happy Birthday, To Me!

What a crazy and fun day! I got mom up, talked her into preparing my divine breakfast, and enjoyed the morning. Until she left for the family breakfast. However, being Saturday, I knew she’d come back long before she would normally come home from work.

Once she got home, she started cleaning and preparing veggies for salad (thanks to her nephews who plant a beautiful garden for the family). Yuck! Finally though, she did make chicken for me (and some for company too). She sautéed it like her friend Stacy taught her. Yum!

Some of our family came over and shared salad and cake, but they let me eat chicken. Of course, I’m not supposed to have that, being on a kidney failure diet and all. However, I won’t eat if I have to eat the kidney food – it’s nasty. After the last time mom heard that I was on borrowed time … significantly, she finally gave up trying to make me eat yucky stuff and stuck with 100% baby food. Mmmmm good! And that’s been many weeks now. Still here! As you’ll notice below, my fur is still delightful and my eyes still shine.

My cousin’s little people made me a neat hat, which I even wore for you. I also received a card and flower! This in addition to lots of loving pets all day long and real chicken. May your birthday be all you wish for! Mine was even more than that!

A princess award-like thing and a calico cat with her shiny green eyes and white chest looking at you.

A yellow birthday cake with gree grass, red flowers, lady bugs, and a greeting,

The image of a table center piece made of round paper with a pink stripped border and butterflies wishing a Happy Birthday. Purpose tissue stuff below. Yellow field flowers in a small vase beside it.

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One Day until 17 Years: God is Good

Tomorrow is my big day! I’m extra excited for this weekend. I’ve always liked weekends because everyone usually stays home, or at least comes home more often. This weekend will be great, because I’ll have extra time with those I love.

I know that God did not give me kidney failure. It’s just a part of life for some of us felines go through. God doesn’t do that to His beings, because He gave us free will when we left the Garden of Eden (of course there were cats in that garden). We also have all that comes with free will. Yet God loves us and is here to provide comfort. He whispers love into my furry ears. One of these days, He’ll welcome me to Heaven where I’ll be with those who have gone before me.

Until then, I’ll be waking my mom up a bit earlier than she’d like for a Saturday, explaining that so long as she’s up she may as well provide my gourmet breakfast. Later, I’ll go to the guest room and take the sunniest spot, as it is my right as the matriarch. On rainy days, I’ll curl up under the softest covers I can find. When meat is cooked, I’ll explain my urgent need for meat (starting from the moment it leaves the refrigerator until the last bite is taken). I shall purr when my chin is scratched. I will provide radar ears for the entertainment of humans while I meditate. I may even permit my mom to pet Joy from time to time without a jealous glare … or at least I’ll try to look innocent and pleasant about it.

Although life can be short for some, painful for others, and everyone has rough spots, God is Good. All the time. At least that’s my perspective.

Calico cat laying on a chair on her side.

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Two Days until 17 Years: Color Your World

Sweet! Only two days to go! Well, really only one, since I can’t get on the computer until mom is done for the night and busy making my super supper.

I am a diluted calico cat. So was my sister. Our friend Merry (well, she’s usually friendly) is a more of a traditional calico. Mom talks about an old barn cat that was a tortoise-shell calico, mostly black with some orange and droplets of white. What we all have in common is color. Even Joy, with her gray and black tiger markings.

Color is important to my world. It makes things pretty, and I like things pretty. My mom doesn’t like a lot of pink, but I am a girly girl and find frilly colors fun. Sure, she’ll wear it and have bits of it around, but she would never use it as a decorating theme. I would!

I happen to have the prettiest green eyes, but instead of highlighting that shining color, my mom sometimes calls me her “big eyed girl”. Seriously? No one would consider that a compliment. Alright, she says that cows have big eyes, and they are the most beautiful, so having big eyes is a beautiful attribute. Whatever. I’ve never met a cow, so I wouldn’t know.

Color is also in feelings. Another nickname for me is “Sunny girl”, because I have a sunny disposition. When mom is happy, she says she is “peachy.” When she is sad, she says she is “feeling blue.”

Color is a great thing to have. Someday, maybe a calico cat can color your world!


IMG_3599 Sign

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Three Days until 17 Years: Make Memories

Three days to go until my big day. When is your big day? What will you do? It’s vital to make memories to treasure.

I have so many memories that bring me happiness. Let’s list a few:

  • For Christmas one year, cousin Shanti gave us crunchy, cheesy treats. We liked them so much, we talked mom into getting them for us regularly. Thanks, Shanti!
  • Our friend Betsie made Joy a wonton shaped catnip treat, but Joy shares with me sometimes. (When this happens, I do find joy in Joy.) Thanks, Betsie!
  • When mom goes out of town with grandma, she invites Aunt Kerrie to take care of us girls. Kerrie makes it fun by asking us our opinion on things, watching our favorite TV shows, and sharing her dinner. She even lets us borrow her phone so we can text mom with updates. Thanks, Kerrie!
  • Aunt Lynn has made mom soft scarves, and sometimes they would fall down from their hanger onto the floor, so I curl up in the scarf and enjoy it’s warmth. Thanks, Lynn!
  • Cousin Julie way out in California sent mom some cat decorations. There was a glass cat, and I used to scratch my chin on the cat’s ear. Thank you, Julie!
  • Cousin Jennifer has given mom lots of fun cat books. Mom always reads them to us. They usually made me laugh, especially Grumpy Cat. What a hoot! Thanks,  Jennifer!
  • Aunt Becky gave us a cat statue that looks almost real if you don’t know it’s wooden. It’s fun to tease people with it and play hide and seek behind it. Thanks, Becky!
  • Each spring, mom picks some of Grandma’s buttery, yellow flowers and brings them in for us to only look at. I think they might taste like butter, but then she chases me away, so maybe it’s not a gift to eat? However, it’s rare I get in trouble, so it’s still a happy memory, for the thrill of being the naughty one. I see the attraction for my fellow feline friend Merry and her sporadic contrary ways. Thanks anyway!

These are just some of the many happy memories people have given us over the years. My birth mom was wrong, these two-footed, giant monsters aren’t really so bad. I’m still not going to sit in the lap of one, but they’ve turned out to be filled with kindness and generosity.

Diluted calico cat sitting up on a chair staring down at a bouquet of daffodils.

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Four Days until 17 Years: Have Joy!

I hear my mom making party plans for my big day. So long as there’s chicken, all will be perfect. You see, chicken brings me joy, and it’s very important to have joy in your life.

When I say “joy”, I mean the feeling, not the cat. The cat was named Joy after her mother’s middle name, not because she is a joy all of the time. Even I’ll admit she can be a joy now and again, but mostly I’d call her grumpy puss, hairy-etta, or don’t-you-dare-sit-on-my-mother’s-lap! She knows I have a great mom, so she wants to have her attention. That does not bring me joy.

Things that do bring me joy are catnip, scratching my chin on books and baskets, chicken, resting in baskets, turkey, playing in baskets, ham, a human scratching behind my ears just right, hamburger, sunny spots on the couch, roast beast, long naps, pork roast, sleeping under the covers, and more meat.

Granted, there were a lot of food items in that list, but there were also non-material (or meat) things on there. Those are the joys everyone can experience. I hope you experience joy in every day!

IMG_8333 2 x 2 Sign

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Five Days until 17 Years: Plan for Tomorrow

Wahoo! Getting closer to 17 years old. It’s a good thing!

Since March of 2014, my mom has been told I wouldn’t live long. But I’m still here. Her family has feared losing an aunt to cancer for half a year now. She’s still here. And of course, there are others who are not here who left us unexpectedly and/or suddenly.

No matter if you might go today, next year, or in a few decades, it’s okay to plan for tomorrow. I make plans with my fellow felines. I plan to be their matriarch until I’m not. Until then, I rule the roost, the sunniest spots are mine, and all humans are my primary support system. I am also preparing Merry to take over. (Okay, so she thinks she’s in charge now, but I warn her the reality is more encompassing that she thinks it is now.) Part of my plan is that ya’ll are secondary to my needs today. Granted, right now, my needs are greater, but I know mom will make time for all kitties, because she did when my sister was the Grand Dame of our Castle.

Even though the vets keep expecting I’m not long for this world, my mom continues to purchase food and litter for me. She continues to love me like she always has … with great kindness. She makes plans for me to be here, and she has done so since the first day of diagnosis. I also know, since she’s pragmatic, that she also makes plans for when I’m not here. But until then, she lives like I am here, which is appreciated, because I AM!

Basically, it’s a good idea to plan for both the best and the worst. Then make the most of the best, and grab a shoulder or two to hold you up for the worst. (We’ll also pray for the best, just to encourage more good in the world.)

2013_01_19_4034 Gray Green SIGN

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Six Days until 17 Years: Sharing

Only a half-dozen more days until I turn 17 years old. I am having a purrfect time sharing my ancient wisdom!

Today’s topic: Sharing. It can be fun and annoying. It can have benefits and drawbacks. No matter, I still recommend it … in most cases.

Having shared meal time, nap time, bed space, sunny spots, snacks, catnip, and mom with my sister for most of my life, it is odd not doing so today. At first, I was super sad to be without her, but then I found that it’s nice to have mom all to myself. But I will always treasure having had a sister to share my life with each day. We just got each other. We had routines that just made sense to us and no other cat in the house. I highly recommend having a sibling around with which to share life.

Now I have two other house cats that I should share with … when I feel like it. It’s wasn’t easy when they arrived, because they came along much later. Yet I’m glad they are here, because Merry is more vocal than I am, and she is a great reminder to the humans that we have needs. Joy gets in trouble for sitting in the human favorite places, so I know my desire to do the same is expected feline behavior, and I must live up to expectations.

Sometimes we all share the guest room together, mostly when it’s sunny in there. My feline roommates made the argument for that room long ago, so it’s a reserved place we can all gather and rarely get hollered at for sitting in someone else’s favorite place. They also make the request for treats on a more regular basis than I do – probably because I don’t always feel good. But when they make that request, mom shares with me too.

Sharing doesn’t always mean that you are giving something up. It can mean that you gain because others will remember that you shared first. Sharing is a gift that lasts in the hearts of those who appreciate it. Give it a whirl! And come share some treats with me!

IMG_0436 SignA black tiger cat and a mostly white with some black and orange calico cat sit fanny to fanny on a maroon chair.

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