Little Old Ladies

These two semi-feral cats may have old souls. They were playing with their new toys, but when I started to cut paper for a project, they watched the paper cutter instead. Then I moved on to a bit of crochet. That too won out over their newest kitty toys.

I’m not sure if my paperwork met with her approval or not, but Poppy definitely inspected my efforts.

Just glad to see them happy, no matter their taste in entertainment.

Moral of the Story: No matter what others think of it, so long as it causes no one harm, find your bliss.

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Perfect Purr

12:12 a.m.: Poppy purred for me for the first time … ever.

If you know cats, that’s music. Sweet, melodic music. Even if it’s loud and gravelly.

I was sitting on the floor petting her. It would seem she’d prefer me at a table where I’m more eye to eye with her, but no. She was on the floor a foot in front of me as I sat cross legged and bent over to pet her cheeks, face, and chin.

I’m elated! And Willow then let me sit in the chair next to her favorite sleeping chair and pet her for a long while too. No purr, but still progress.

Moral of the Story: Time and patience can heal the wounds that taught them to distrust the human animal. May we all behave in a manner worthy of their trust.

Poppy standing, Willow resting

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Saving the World can Wait

I was going to save the world today. From what, I don’t know. But this rare treat happened, and this happens about three times a year, so I must sit here and enjoy this sweet kitty who has graced me with a rare “lap cat” moment. Maybe someone else can save the world today. My plans changed.

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Bee Affectionate

As mentioned in my last post, when I attended the spring Beekeeping classes through my local community college, I feared being able to care for such a small animal and not causing it harm. After only my first session of the autumn class, I feel I must give it my best efforts.

This class was only my second time to be exposed to the hives in person. It was my first time to help open a hive. A fellow classmate who already has bees gently guided me and had me fully assist in opening the hive and removing the boxes. I was shocked at my heartfelt affection for these wee ones. We both worked very hard not to squish any of them. We managed to take off three boxes, test for varroa mites, and put them back only taking one sweet life.

If you’re an animal person, you probably have some sort of heartfelt or gut reaction to one species or another, such as dogs, cats, cows, or birds. I’ve always felt that for most furry creatures. But I was shocked from my toes to the top of my skull that I felt the same affection that I do for my cats regarding these buzzing bees. How could something with such a stinger pull at my heartstrings and make me all gushy for their sweet little faces? I don’t know, but the affection is real.

I must see this through and become a Beekeeper if at all possible.

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Bee Adventurous

I am on a “Bee Adventurous” journey. I hope to keep two hives of bees starting in the Spring of 2019. I am taking classes now, so that I might be able to keep them and not kill them.

These are some photos from the first time I was ever near bee hives up close and personal. They are from April of 2018, this past spring during my Kalamazoo Valley Community College Beekeeping 101 class. I was nervous, not about getting stung, but about hurting them.

Our sessions and lessons were on how to keep them alive, but up close and personal, they are so very small! How on earth was I ever going to be able to move 40 pound frames and not take their little lives when I set them down?

Well, more to come on this topic later. Will I or will I not overcome that fear?

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Possible Breakthrough

I know, crazy, stupid late, but I just had a half hour of crazy, amazing progress with my basement kitties. They came to watch me play Blossom Blast and Farm Heros on my phone.

They’ve never noticed before. I could pet them as they watched just now. A half hour straight with no food. Petting them! Pulling their ears, rubbing their noses, scratching their necks! And they stayed for another 5 minutes of petting when I was done!

No phone photo of the event (used real camera, but not downloaded at this hour), because my phone was the interaction. Including three from another time because they are so beautiful to me. (Willow on left; Poppy to right. Which doesn’t mean Poppy is always right, sometimes she’s wrong … or maybe just naughty like the kitten she is.)

So excited! Maybe getting closer to being full house cats.

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Pet, Pet, Learning to Love

Friday, May 10th was a day of great progress! I’m not sure if it’s because I was out of town most of the week to work, or if it was just the right time, but Poppy let me pet her from head to tail, and then asked me to do so about five more times. The next day, was the same thing at both meal times!

Progress feels slow, but this was a HUGE change for her! Willow lets me pet her while she eats daily and sometimes after she’s full, but this was Poppy’s first time ever without trying to scratch my hand into a bloody mess while giving me the evil eye and hisses. She doesn’t hiss or growl a warning, but she goes straight into a hard smack with her claws long and sharp. Although, she’s been keeping the claws sheathed more often when she wacks me and then hisses her angry message, so clearly this was massive progress.

I am enjoying a cup of comfort juice (often referred to as coffee) and the delightful company of these good cats this fine day.


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