December 24th, Today’s Gratitude: The Light and the Dark

Tonight in worship we turned off the overhead lights and sang “Silent Night” by candlelight. This is peaceful and soul filling. This is why I go to the Christmas Eve service whenever possible.

Speaking of light, although I understand Christ came to be light in the world, I can’t help but consider the pain light can be for me with migraines. Florescent lights are painful without a migraine and near debilitating with one.

I enjoy the dark of night with limited or low light. At home I get around in the dark with ease because it’s familiar. In hotels and at retreats, I learn quickly to get around in the dark not only to attempt to allow my house mates to continue sleeping peacefully, but to protect my eyes from potential pain.

On the Eve of Christmas as we await the Saviour, I am all the more comforted in faith that He comes to soften the edges of the overbearing rules, that He is a gentle and guiding light offering hope to those in need. His light feels like a campfire or candle in the window: Warm and welcoming.

May your Christmas be filled with warmth and wonder, hope and health, peace and possibility.

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December 23rd, Today’s Gratitude: Others Who Cook

Preparing food is not a joy for me. Perhaps the opposite of love. Okay, I hate it. I do it because I need to eat, but I don’t like it. I am more likely to do it for loved ones, but I still seek shortcuts.

Family and church potlucks are doable because we work as a team. I cook for our scrapbook retreats because I get to only do 1 of 6 meals, and then I’m done. I do simple recipes. I tried gravy this year, and I won’t be doing that ever again – too many steps. Although the cheesey meatloaf was enjoyed by many, even though an adult snagged a forkful from the top before many came for dinner because he couldn’t identify it. That was worth the effort. Gravy is not.

Fortunately, others enjoy cooking and baking. And I enjoy their efforts. Eating oui it is often twice nice because of left overs. When I do cook … anything, I try to make enough for at least one more meal.

I’m grateful for those who do cook. What activity that we need daily would you rather someone else do?

Dinner at Bells Eccentric Cafe at Christmas time. A big wreath over their fireplace.

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December 22nd, Today’s Gratitude: Literacy

Literacy not only allows me to hold a job, drive a car, and earn a degree, but it frees me to the pleasure of reading masterpieces, cozy fiction, and song lyrics.

Most of my reading material comes from the library with some from Audible and book stores. I am grateful for all who encourage the desire to read: from parents to teachers, from book sellers to librarians, from editors to writers. There are others I am sure. I read more variety than I otherwise would due to book groups and friend recommendations.

May literacy bless you and yours in countless ways.

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December 21st, Today’s Gratitude: Faith

My parents took me to church, and I learned from their faith. I watched our church family and learned from their service in faith. My aunts and uncles gave me lessons in faith through deeds and words. Through God’s grace, I have numerous family and friends who live in faith.

I have learned, as my parents did before me, that the adage, “God won’t give you more than you can handle” is not helpful or true. The fact is that we no longer live in the Garden of Eden tells us it can’t be true. Life does spin us out of control on occasion, but it doesn’t have to end us.

What is true is that God, Buddha, Allah, Yahweh, no matter what you call that higher power, wants to be with us, guide us, and care for us. When the spinning occurs, there is help. When there is joy to spread, there is help then too. God wants to enfold us in loving arms, if only we seek comfort there.

May you seek the one who already loves you, knows you, and treasures you as you are.


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December 20th, Today’s Gratitude: Friends

Family is how I got here. Friends are what keep me going. Even when I’m the bug-eyed loony like in this photo (but both of my eyes are open, which was apparently my only goal in this photo). Thank goodness I have friends with normal traits to balance me out. Or does their crazy balance out my crazy?

9 women celebrating a couple of 50th birthdays. Most dressed in black or pink, but a few in gray or blue. Most holding a 50th sign of some sort. Streamers hanging from the ceiling.

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December 19th, Today’s Gratitude: Family

I am not in this world alone. I’m a descendant of those who came before me, and I am part of the story of the future. Live your story.


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December 18th, Today’s Gratitude: The Air I Breathe

The air I breathe is the air you breathe. We share this wonderful, wild, wily world. May we share it in peace and harmony. May we give to the earth what it needs to keep our air clean, fresh, and healthy. May we take the fresh air and continue living this beautifully breathtaking life.



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