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Beauty is in You

Normally at Big Lots this beautiful woman is at checkout. Always kind and always in full makeup, beautifully done hair, and stunning, long nails. Tonight a gentle woman with no makeup, simple hair, and plain nails was at checkout.

Both are absolutely beautiful and genuine. Both warm my heart and make me smile and laugh. It takes all of us to make the world go round, but the more who have kindness galore like these women make it a better place to be.

Moral of the story: You are beautiful when you are who you were created to be. If that in jean’s and a t-shirt or a ball gown/full tux, you remain just as beautiful because of what is in your heart and your actions in the world.

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So This Happened Today

I taught a class for our clients at work. I got up after to talk with a client, and it felt like one leg was an inch shorter than the other. I tried really hard to be attentive and responsive to the client’s questions, but all I could think about was why one leg felt longer than the other.

I tried to check out my feet discretely, but I didn’t see an answer to my troubles. Finally, after the client left, which felt like forever as I was trying to decipher what was wrong, I was able to turn around and look at my seat. What do I see under the table? The sole of my shoe!

It was super annoying to walk around the rest of the day like that (especially stairs), but I had no other shoes with me. Furthermore, I wasn’t planning on going home after work. I wanted to volunteer at my church’s Free Store.

I finally decided to tell them I’d be late to Free Store and went to Meijer for shoes. So glad I did! It felt instantly better to feel the ground beneath my feet at the same distance from my hips. I was a very happy volunteer with very happy feet.

The old shoes will visit the Shoe Smith to make a full recovery of the soul with a reattached sole.

Moral of the story: Balance is vital to a happy life.


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Friends from Unexpected Places

This morning I woke up thinking about a few people in my life whom I greatly appreciate and know that God put in my life to make me a better person. This week has held a series of unfortunate events, and there are very negative things I could have lived forever without knowing about within other people in my life. While everyone I have ever met has made me who I am today, God woke me with the light of joy and appreciation for a certain few of those life shaping folks.

Trish, Ruth, and Donna at church. Growing up, they were just a few of the moms in my world. I was friends with their children, and I respected them, but I the friendship was with their children. Now that I’m all grown up (ha, ha), and their children have moved away, I have become friends with these moms. These are women I see not only as leaders in my church family, but as friends that I am blessed to have in my life.

I have other friends too, where over the years, it’s their parents or their children (yes, I’m that old, that my friend’s have adult children), that I have a valued friendship with as well. My world is better and bigger because of these relationships that have developed over time.

Moral of the Story: You never know who will shine the light of friendship within your life. May you have many friendships that bless your world.


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Grateful for a Sinus Infection

Friday, February 23, 2019
At 4 a.m. I knew I had to call in sick. My cat had been throwing up. I didn’t know they could dry heave, but my little sweetie pie, cranky pants kitty cat was doing just that. I was exhausted from mouth breathing and blowing my nose into oblivion. Every night for a month, I do this, and the longer it goes on, the more tired I get. Plus my nose has owies inside, and I’m getting bloody noses from blowing my schnoz 8 million times a day. Although I think it is helping to increase my lung capacity.
After letting the office know I wouldn’t be in, I was able to get an appointment for Joy in the morning, and one for myself in the afternoon. Joy was constipated and dehydrated. They gave her fluids and a medicine for me to rub in her ears to help with her appetite. It was clear to the Vet all of this is psychological, because her health is better than her age group in all other ways. I need to keep up the tricks to make her feel like the top cat. Which, of course, she is the matriarch kitty in our home. Maybe by just a handful of months, but nonetheless, she’s the boss (at least my boss … and now I have three … Merry is my mom’s boss).

As always, her favorite part of going to the Vet is coming home. Especially after the new Owner of the Vet’s office rolled around in her carrier: Mr. Kitty. Mr. Kitty is the new rescue for the office, but he totally acts like he owns the joint. At home, we were both exhausted, so she slept on a living room chair in a blanket, and I on the couch. Though I had to get up sooner than I wanted, because, before I knew it, it was my turn to go to the doctor.

Incredibly, I got in right away, and the doctor came in quickly. After asking me thousands of questions and pushing on the sinus cavities in my face where pain was just waiting for a reason to explode, he determined that I don’t have allergies from my answer to three of the questions and the pain in my face, but a sinus infection. Yeah! A couple of weeks ago I went in for overactive bladder. It normally goes away after a couple of days, but not this time! It’s like my new exercise plan is running to the bathroom. Anyhow, I mentioned (well, she heard my nasally voice) the snotty face, and after a few questions, she declared allergies. It made sense to me then. Except that she gave me a list of things NOT to take in order to avoid making the overactive bladder worse that may have reduced the snottiness in my face. So very much fun!
Hopefully, I am now on the road to recovery from being snotty and the owie that is every sinus cavity in my face. Hopefully, Joy is now on the road to recovery as well and will resume eating with pleasure. She’s really struggling with accepting the new kitties. I hope the pheromone plug ins will help, and clearly putting her needs and wants first so she can see her place in my world. We did a slow introduction, and she seemed like she was improving, but clearly not. Maybe she takes after her adoptive mom: Stubborn as the day is long. But even this old lady can be worn down, so hopefully my old kitty will come around too. At least in the meantime, she still has her own room with her own food and her own litter and her own toys. A safe haven.
While I’m at it, I’m very impressed with how respectful the Willow and Poppy are being of Miss Joy and Miss Merry. The new kitties defer to the old kitties. The new kitties love their toys, Merry mostly ignore toys, and Joy has her own set of toys that she loves and drags around. The new kitties have never even tried to touch her toys. No matter the reason, I am glad they are being lady-like as much as possible.

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December 31st, Today’s Gratitude: Joy

There is joy in the world, and you can be joy. May you find joy in every day. When we look for it, we can find it. I choose to look for joy when possible … or when I remember that I need it. May you find what you need.

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December 30th, Today’s Gratitude: Random Acts of Kindness

Fun Fact: A neighbor has a Reindeer Ranch. Yep, reindeer live just up the road from us. She has become an expert in Michigan for her work with the reindeer and sharing her knowledge of this beautiful and often misunderstood animal. She is a spokesperson for these special creatures.

Fun Fact: A friend always pays for the meals of Veterans when she finds out they are in line near her. No matter what they order, it becomes her treat out of respect for their sacrifice.

Fun Fact: I know many people who volunteer with numerous Animal Rescues, mostly helping dogs, but cats and other mammals too. Most foster, but others help with newsletters, websites, and transporting foster pets to the veterinarian’s office or to events. All of this plays a part in saving lives.

Some of these are random while others are planned or repeated; all are acts of kindness. Kindness keeps the world moving in a healthy direction. May random acts of kindness become commonplace.


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December 29th, Today’s Gratitude: The Ability to Learn

I am grateful for the ability to create things with my hands. This is a form of education; continuous learning. With thanks to many friends and family, I am continually learning new things: laws to assist our clients at work, crafts to make for gifts, and care for the fur people.

A non-believer once asked why my dad would continue to go to Sunday School in his late 70’s. The answer: He wasn’t done learning about Christ and how to be a Christian. None of us are ever done learning in any capacity.

May you have a heart for learning and sharing your knowledge with gentleness and kindness.

2018-10-06 22.59.00

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