The MAD Life: Episode 26

12 Jun

Happy Holidays!

I sent out my 2021 Christmas cards last week. It included mom’s new address as of May 28, 2021. She’s been at Heritage one year now.

Two women of a certain age (numerous decades) are sitting at a table with a red table covering, with plates of lunch in front of them, wearing sunglasses, and smiling as I take their photo.
Jean and Ilene, sitting in the sun.

It also included that I’m not able to do birthday & anniversary cards this year. I just can’t. I actually missed November & December of 2021 too. My ducks are not only unable to get in a row: their feathers are too fluffy or falling out, their feet are two sizes too big or too small, and some are nearsighted while others are farsighted.

A row of 9 ducks crossing the street. They are all facing left, and 2 of them are next to each other near the end of the row of ducks. Two have already waddled up onto the grass before the sidewalk.
These are SO NOT my ducks! It is what I hope for my ducks to become.

This blog series called MAD is suppose to stand for Migraines and Alzheimer Disease … but a few other things are popping up for me: IBS, Menopause (with many of it’s gloriously frustrating indicators), a broken back, and pain management. Maybe MAD could stand for something else. NOT Mutually Assured Destruction. Oye! How about Mischievous Adventures Daily? (That took me an hour to figure out!)

Well, that’s enough for me today.

Moral of the Story: Quit when you need to quit. Keeping on will just make messes … everywhere … at least for me. When enough is enough, go home to the cats … or walk out of the home office and sit with the cats. Relax, breathe, let your shoulders down.

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