The MAD Life: Episode 14

08 Mar

Wrote late February:

This has been quite the year … and we’re not even through February. I’ve been trying to call folks to let them know of a huge change in our lives, but I’m terrible about phone calls. I’m also dealing with depression and anxiety. So, I’m making it official here to share this news. I do still plan on sending out the Christmas letters I printed in early December as well as a note updating on this life enhancing change:

I have honored my mom’s plans that she laid out clear and plain in 1997. She and dad purchased long-term care policies that summer. Every year as she paid the annual premium, she reminded me of the location of the policy, their contact information, and that I was to use it when her care became more than I could handle at home. My mom has moved to North Woods Village, a memory care home, specializing in Alzheimer’s care. It is new and beautiful. They have activities all day long. I haven’t heard her this happy on a regular basis in years … several years. This is a win-win for both of us.

We talk almost every day, as she has her own phone. It’s a special Alzheimer’s phone, so she may only make and receive calls. If you wish to be one she calls, I can add in about 15 more people. Although she prefers people call her after 7 p.m. She doesn’t call folks like I thought she would because she doesn’t want to inconvenience them. Before phone calls though, she wants to participate in all of the day’s activities and have a walk with Kathy, the woman across the hall from her, after dinner. Then she’s ready to enjoy the sound of your voice. You may also write to her. Please contact me if you wish for her contact information.

This move was difficult, good, exhausting, emotional, and greatly beneficial to her physical and mental health and mine. Seriously, I haven’t seen smiles on her like this so frequently in years. It’s a beautiful thing. This is a blessing on the journey of Alzheimer’s that we never dreamed we’d take. Ever. Never. But here we are, doing the best we are able, with a heart and gut wrenching disease. Leaning on the love God provides.

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