The MAD Life: Episode 12

20 Dec

Ah, Alzheimer’s. There is so much to learn about you. I read, and I listen to caregivers (past and present), and I listen to doctors.

Aspects of this disease:

  • Cleaning the random glove drawer in the laundry room. Matching those that are alike together. Separating out the lonely gloves. Dumping them all back in the drawer much as they were before.
  • Delighted when a friend or family member calls and telling everyone about it for days. Everyone being me, and I may hear about it a dozen times, but she’s happy, so it’s okay.
  • Forgetting where to put away the clean dishes, even the ones you’ve had on the same shelves for decades.
  • Having the home health aide wash the dishes for her, and she is like a teenager getting out of a chore (even though she claims to love washing dishes), and telling everyone “the aide did the dishes”.
  • Looking at a piece of mail (junk, bill, etc.) for hours over and over. Asking the same questions about it. Writing notes all over it. Picking it up again days later and starting over. And if you cannot find it (I had hoped that hiding it would stop the cycle), freaking out because it is now missing. (Usually junk mail or a explanation of benefits for insurance – when no payment is yet due.)
  • Being delighted beyond measure that a favorite item in the grocery store is on sale.
  • Buying the same grocery items repeatedly (thank goodness for Loaves & Fishes taking donations of food items): mayonnaise, soups, canned vegetables, bread, tomatoes, and celery.
  • Thankful that her indulgences are small. She loves to go to the Discovery shop and buy clothes or household items on sale (they are already reduced since they are resale, but something is on sale every month too). We can’t try clothes on now due to COVID, so any that don’t fit are either donated back to the Discovery Shop or are donated to the Free Store. Somebody wins no matter what.

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