The MAD Life: Episode 11

16 Sep

Emotional Support Cookies

I am not a firm believer in Emotional Support Cookies. This is not just a figure of speech, but a reality that is helping my mental state.

My first Emotional Support Cookies in life came from my friend Stacy. Over the years, she has sent me cookies or granola or sweet bread when I needed it the most. I hadn’t thought to give the concept a name, but it worked then, and it works now.

More recently, my friend Nickey gave me two dozen Emotional Support Cookies. Times were very bad with the Alzheimer’s, and she was worried about me. She set about baking, and I was blessed with her delicious and moist chocolate chip cookies.

Now I am going to order my favorite cookies from Chris. Chris’s family goes on Mission trips, and she has sold baked goods to raise funds. She doesn’t have a fund raiser now, but I will see her next weekend. I reached out, and she’ll bring two dozen of her super thick, moist, sugar cookies with her soft and creamy frosting. They will arrive just in time, since I should run out of my ration of cookies from Nickey about then.

I know: sugar. Yep, I am indulging in a sweet treat and calling it Emotional Support. So be it. My weight is not fluctuating, and if anything, I’m losing weight. My blood sugar and triglycerides are good (or are they the same thing – I get that stuff confused). Furthermore, to help my mom’s mental capacity, we are eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before. The meats are lean. The veggies and fruit are usually fresh. A cookie or two a day is a mental boost that makes my world better.

These Emotional Support Cookies aren’t just a sweet treat. They are from friends who have been supportive, loving, and generous. When I enjoy their home-made baked goods, I know I am not alone in this world. There is support and love.

And it isn’t just cookies. Kerrie gave me butterfly twinkle lights when the Alzheimer’s was exceptionally bad and I was having migraines at the same time. Those are Emotional Support Twinkle Lights. Lynn had me to her home for crafting while her mom sat with my mom: Emotional Support Crafting. Betsie and Steffani send me meme’s from facebook to cheer me. Kathy N. sends me comics to make me laugh. And there are so many more people who I am blessed to have in my life.

Moral of the Story: You are loved. It may not feel like it every moment. But You Are Loved.

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