The MAD Life: Episode 8

27 Jul

Saturday did not go as planned … at all. I had hoped to spend it doing much needed cleaning and organizing. But my nephew-in-law wanted to mow for my mom so he needed gas. Since we were going out, I offered to take mom to her happy place: The Discovery Shop (donation resale to support the American Cancer Society). Then she wanted to return all of our bottles at Meijer.

We got all of that done plus some groceries, and I got a sweet deal on two bee mugs at the Discovery Shop. I already had the lighter middle one that I purchased at Bee School Day at KVCC earlier this year. Thanks to resale, the two new ones cost less total (plus honey and tea) than the middle mug. Then, that nephew-in-law also wanted me to take a lot of photos of the garden he and others grow. It is stunning, so I spent a long time taking 100’s of photos. I’ll have to try again in a week or so, since his sunflowers aren’t open yet.

Three yellow mugs with the honeycomb imprint and an embossed bee near the top.

I would love to spend a whole week (or 2 or 3) just at home, but little things come up all the time. I love being home with no place to go for days at a time, even if I’m working. I cannot keep my activities organized. Part of that is the stress of living with Alzheimer’s and her medical appointments. If we’re out, we just run errands because we’re out.

Her memory issues came into play at the Discovery Shop. Mom only wanted a mug marked $1. She looked at her $10 bill and a $20 and didn’t understand that they can make change for either bill. The awesome volunteer behind the counter said she had enough change to cover it. I tried to pay, but she wouldn’t take my money and said she understood. All without making mom feel bad. She did fine shopping at Meijer. I just never know, so I must be vigilant all the time.

Tonight, we already scheduled time for my brother to come over for dinner so we could work in the last two of the sessions for his cider making class. Making dinner meant that cleaning has still barely happened. We made it through one session, but the last one will be 2 hours plus the quiz, so we’ll finish another day.

Now I’m wiped out. I should have time Sunday for cleaning, but I was hoping to just relax and maybe only tweak things. Yet we accomplished good things today.

Moral of the story: Plans.change, but it can be for the good. 

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One response to “The MAD Life: Episode 8

  1. Jennifer Pogue

    July 27, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    Love you, Kim. Special big hugs.

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