The MAD Life: Episode 6

07 Apr

I’ve had a migraine for four days. I think it’s finally abating. Phew!

The migraine rule is that if you don’t have four waking hours between migraines, it’s the same migraine. If you are able to sleep for the night or naps. I can usually sleep at night.

Friday into Saturday
I went to bed Friday night with it, thinking I’d medicated enough to help. Nope, within one hour of waking on Saturday, it was back. Which means, it never left. Most of Friday I felt nauseous, throbbing left eye, pain in left quadrant, and itchy scalp.

Saturday into Sunday
Saturday I napped and treated it as I thought would be helpful. It finally started going away about three hours before bed. But Sunday was actually worse. Saturday had the same symptoms, but added in dizzy.

Sunday into Monday
Nope, I woke and it was worse, but I had things to do, so I had to wait to treat it. Which means it got even worse. I had to take the Maxalt – the ultimate for me. Of course, it’s the generic, so it takes two and then I feel like crap in other ways.

Until Sunday, I’d only been using essential oils, acetaminophen, avoidance of light, quiet (as much as possible), caffeine, and lots of water. It helps tamp it down, but when it’s bad, only the Maxalt can do the final trick. It finally started going down after napping on and off for five hours. Sunday’s symptoms had less dizzy and more nauseous.

So I woke for work Monday, and it hit again an hour into work. Today, all but the nausea has been less, and the pain is more of an annoyance than sharp. Praying tomorrow’s the much desired migraine hangover … cause that means I’m for sure done with that instance.

That makes this one migraine over four days. Today it is mild, and the only heavy symptom is the icky nausea.

So, that’s one way a migraine can last for four days. I have a feeling that for most people it’s more that there is no abatement for four days. I count my blessings that’s not my case. We all differ.

Woman with hands on her head like it hurts. Black and white drawing.
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