The MAD Life: Episode 5

22 Mar

Friday was a rather frustrating day. I woke with a migraine, needed to work all day, mom tossed in a trip to her doctor’s office, and I needed to restock groceries.

When I got up, I felt miserable. This migraine was on the right side and about a 5 out of 10. Fortunately, my right side migraines tend to be less severe than the left, so I figured I could get through it. I did the usual morning routine, well the one for the new environment of COVID-19. I got coffee and went to work in the home office. I came out for a minute, and mom said she wasn’t feeling good. Eventually, this led to cancelling one appointment and rushing her to her doctor’s office for lab work immediately at 4:30 when I got out of work. The doctor wanted to know if her kidney infection had improved or not. It’s more than 24 hours later, and we don’t know, but she was better today. So, yeah!

I made it through the work day, and it’s demanding being that we assist local businesses in how to sell their products/services to the local, state, and federal government. Clearly, there are certain things that are in extreme demand. My job is to help guide them in the right direction. There was a lot of guiding through email and phone calls. We also must get out what events have been cancelled, postponed, or are now virtual. That is a freaking long list. Never mind we also need to get our clients information about their resources during this pandemic. Getting info out ASAP is vital right now.

Once I made it through the work day, got mom to and from the doctor for testing, I had to go shopping. There were a few things I’ve found I need for the home office – most important is a clock. There’s never been a clock in that room, but now I need one. I had already hung the calandar from the office, so I’ve started getting my mental north star with date, now to get it with time. But also … groceries.

I really, really, really didn’t want to go to my local Meijer because of murder lights. They are remodeling the entire store, and moving one section at a time. It’s a freaking nightmare. Oh, and installing super crazy bad bright lights. I have to wear my sunglasses in the portions of the store where they have installed them. I keep asking at the return/lottery desk what they are going to do about these horrific lights, and they don’t seem to get my urgency or pain. So, sunglasses.

Crazy me, I thought I could go to Hardings instead. Ummmm…. not so great. They are re-arranging things too! There needs to be a law that grocery stores within 10 miles of one another cannot re-arrange their store items within one full year of each other. Come on, people! Change is hard, but when it comes to finding food, that’s so much harder because it’s not an optional activity. That includes pet food, which Meijer has now moved twice into entirely different parts of the store. The current location appears to be long-term, but I still have a panicky fears that they will move it yet again. I just want cat treats, people!

At Harding’s, I have no idea how many times I went back and forth trying to find ONLY the things on my list. Normally, I am susceptible to picking up other things here and there – maybe I want fruit, but I also see the garlic artisan bread nearby, so that jumps into my basket, or I need soup, but they also have gravy and tuna in that aisle, so they find their way onto the checkout counter. I am the dog who sees a squirrel and forgets to eat my treat or that I had to pee with urgency. Any which way, not last night. I understand the beef and toilet paper (okay, I don’t understand that) and cleaning products being completely wiped out, but sausage? No! Harding’s had NO sausage in site! My plan for tonight was spaghetti, and hamburger will not do. Spaghetti calls for sausage.

So on to Meijer, with the murder lights and an active migraine. Let’s just say that FUN it was NOT. Now they are moving into the grocery department for their remodel, and there’s no more deli, and the plants and flowers are now near the grocery. Soup is on the list of things that are short at Meijer and Harding’s. Mom and I love Campbell’s Tomato Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Many things we are not brand specific about, but Campbell’s soup is a must for us. Harding’s only had family size, and Meijer didn’t even have off brand tomato soup available. It took me over half an hour to find the remaining 4 things on my list that Meijer did have. That’s around 7.5 minutes per thing!

And then there’s the checkout lines at Meijer (much better at Harding’s). Hmmm… let’s just have 5 open to a store full of people who now have a limited time to shop. But, at the same time, I get it. How many employees of each grocery store have to stay home because they are or live with someone who is more susceptible to Coronavirus? For all I know, that’s why there were so few cashiers. The store is now closing at 10 p.m. so they can sanitize and restock as much as possible before they re-open. I am frustrated by this, and I am grateful for this. We are talking about saving lives from COVID-19, so that has to take precedence, no matter the economic havoc we’re experiencing. I think I’d rather be alive to experience the recession/depression that will follow this disease rather than to not see it at all – at least that’s how I feel today, even with a migraine.

So mission accomplished, I got to go home. My brother was there with not so good news, so I’m glad mom and I could bring him some good cheer and have him over tonight for a spaghetti dinner. A good friend died recently, and he only found out an hour before the funeral, so he missed the funeral. His friend had cheated death probably more than the suggested nine lives of a cat, and we are grateful for all of the extra years he did have. But that doesn’t take the sting away now that he’s gone. Keeping his family and friends in prayer as they learn this new world without him.

Today went better. Slept in. Napped. Cleaned. Made a nice dinner for my mom and brother. Watched “Caddyshack”. Pet some kitties. And, my migraine has finally taken it’s leave this evening. My head is finally in a better place. No nausea, no dizziness, less ear ringing, and the aches and pains are completely gone.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I am looking forward to our virtual church service in the morning. As a bonus, no church in person means we don’t have to bring goodies for coffee hour! Okay, I shouldn’t be geeked about this, but I am. We do it because so many others do it, and we want to give back. Giving back doesn’t always mean in the ways that make yourself happy. but I’m happy not to have to get up at the crack of stupid to get to church to make coffee. I can get up at a reasonable time and enjoy the service in my PJ’s. Maybe even pet a kitty at the same time. (So long as she doesn’t mess with my touch screen computer and end the service early for us.)

I pray you take extra care in this crazy time in the world. Everyone everywhere is held in prayer for love and hope in every way.

Oh, and please wash your hands, sneeze into a tissue, and sanitize your cell phone. I want you here tomorrow and next year too.

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