Day 0003: Working from Home

21 Mar

The longest week. The first two days were in the office. These last three were at home. I foolishly thought without the drive time that I would be less tired. Nope. Barely out of work Wednesday & Thursday evenings: face planted on the couch for 2.5 hours both nights.

Then again, there is ZERO normal about this. This work at home was fairly spur of the moment, considering the company has been working for months to create a Work From Home plan. Well, with COVID-19, it got moved up. Big time. There’s more to do than usual with all of the government opportunities and events changing every few hours.

There was an article sent around that first day about how important it is to get up at the usual time, shower, dress for work, and blah, blah, blah. Ummm… NO! If I’m going to enjoy the benefits of Work From Home, I’m going to do it in my PJs, waking up 1/2 hour before I need my fanny planted in the seat from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., brush my teeth, feed the cats, find a bra for the day, and then planting that fanny.

Lunch? I’m taking one alright … to make sure my mom and I eat. When I’m at work, mom sometimes has lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon. Then she’s – surprise! – not hungry for dinner. Well, this way, we can have lunch before 2 and enjoy a leisurely dinner at night too! Ummm… if I manage to figure out how to stay awake after 5:05 p.m. So, that dinner is a little later. At least she’s eating no less than two meals a day. But as soon as lunch is made, I go right back to work and eat mine at my desk while catching up on the 20 emails that came in during the 20 minutes I took to make lunch

Breakfast you ask? Not A Morning Person. If you know people who are not morning people, then you know what I mean. Breakfast is something somewhat breakfasty around 10 a.m. Usually a bar or quick oatmeal or cream of wheat. With fresh fruit if I have some easily available. Something under 250 calories. In part, because if I have a coffee, that will have 250 calories (usually at the least). I like my coffee doctored with sweetener and creamer. I count those calories too, so breakfast, if coffee is needed (only with migraine) is around 500 calories. If it’s super good coffee, then over ice will suffice. And I can keep my usual 250 calorie morning.

I may need to create my colleague Joy her own desk. She is a bit too into my touch screen and prancing about like she bought the wireless keyboard with her good looks, silky fur, and randomly sweet attitude. Granted, she has two perfectly good working spots, but she wants to be closer than those cushy areas. Some office mates just don’t know how good they have it … or maybe they do because they demand it.

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