The MAD Life: Episode 4

14 Mar

Today was a total Friday the 13th. Work was crazy, after work was crazy, lunch was a spoonful of peanut butter.

Due to COVID-19, events are being cancelled everywhere. When not trying to get the automated fields in the expense report to work or answer client questions, I was creating a list of cancelled or postponed events to share with clients and partners before leaving for the day. We also tried to figure out what to take home in case we would need to work at home Monday (which we will work from home for a while, but not starting until Wednesday).

Then I had to run home and take mom to a doctor appointment. We were late, but being late in the day, all was well. We got to watch what is now a fulltime job: wiping down everything in the check in and reception area over and over and over. We also got the 30 questions: have either of you (I’m the driver, not the patient) been out of the country in 30 days, been near anyone sick, flown in an airplane, etc. Honestly, I was glad to see both measures taken. I was just exhausted already, since I’d gotten back from a conference late last night and got up too early for work.

A thing that can be great about Alzheimer’s is that old things are new. A horrible thing about Alzheimer’s is that old things are new. When it’s a restaurant or movie, that’s a good thing. When she finds out for the first time (20th +/-) that she has Alzheimer’s, that’s a bad thing. It was a long evening with lots of questions.

I am grateful to sleep in tomorrow. I am grateful we kept her appointment. I’m grateful for a job where work at home is possible, while praying for all who do not have that option, and thankful for our medical staff and many other necessary careers that continue to go in person. At the end of the day, there is still something to be grateful for. And even mom ended up being grateful I was honest with her, as frustrating as the process remains.

Moral of the story: There are always going to be crazy days. But there are also going to be not so crazy days. (I would have said there are also lazy days, but at this age, I have to schedule that, which is crazy.)

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