The Greening of Spring

10 May

Before Christmas, we “Green the Church” with Christmas things and pine branches and boughs. Yet today, I saw the beauty of the greening of Spring.

Just a couple of weeks ago the trees were still naked and gray. Everything looked gray.

But today the trees were fluffy and green! The leaves fill out the hollow spots. They take shape and make the trees appear if they’ve grown in height and width within just a few days.

I’ve never been one to love the spring, but today I may be a convert. The scents and colors of Autumn are my preference.  I used to only think of the mud and having to plant a garden in the Spring. However, today I saw the flowers blooming, the trees budding, and the sky shining with sunlight. The air is fresh with rain and sunshine.

Moral: Sometimes we see things we’ve missed seeing for decades, but it was right in front of us the entire time.

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