God’s Country is All of the World

10 May

I was listening to the radio on my lunch hour today. Normally I listen to an audio book when I drive, but I forgot to take my phone with me. The first song I heard had language something like this: I live here in God’s Country, this is God’s Country. Maybe I misunderstood, but it sounded like the singer believed that one piece of the earth is God’s Country. So far as I can tell, all of the world is God’s Country.

Be it the dumps where we put our trash to the gardens where we grow our flowers, or from the earthworm to the killer whale, or from the homeless encampment to the mansions of the wealthy, or from the small family farm to the castles in the mountains and everything in between, it is all God’s Country. From the ugly to the beautiful, from the sad to the happy, from the silent to the screaming, this is God’s Country.

And when I say “God”, I mean whatever source you believe formed the earth, no matter if you are a person of faith, agnostic, or atheist, this place is home to us all. There is room for us all. We are all of equal value. Our wealth or poverty, our positivity or negativity, our level of happiness or sadness … we were all created in love, by love, and for love.

May we not limit the world to small patches of places that are treasured. May we treasure all of the earth. It takes all of us with all of our abilities to make the world spin on it’s axis.

Moral of the Story: I hope I misunderstood the song. I hope they meant the world as a whole is God’s Country … because it is.


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