Faith in Action at Sunnyside

17 Sep

Today we held a craft fundraiser at church. A church friend had this great idea as a new possible fundraiser for the Missions Committee. We had a good weekend with friends working on our own or church projects, chatting together, and sharing a meal (and ice cream with ALL of the fixing, except bananas. We forgot the bananas – oops!).

Over the two days, we encountered just some of the people in the church who use their works to make faith happen.

  • Marsha came as a participant of the fundraising effort, but instead of working on her own project, she spent an hour first doing office work for the church and then her craft “project” was actually for an upcoming neighborhood event preparing hand crafted signage for the day.
  • Kerrie didn’t bring her own project either; she created beautiful gift tags to sell at our annual church Bazaar fundraiser for Missions projects.
  • Nearly half of our basement has been renovated, and we were the first group to be able to use it. Several people came by just to see the beautiful changes. Thank you, Don, and all of the volunteers and workers who made this modernization possible!
  • Our kitchen has been a growing mess for a year, and more so with the building projects happening now, but our Pastor Matt and Marsha worked a near miracle Thursday by completely organizing the kitchen into a room with counter space, all of the supplies in the appropriate places, and nothing to trip over anymore. We were very grateful to be able to use the stove to heat our meal today.
  • There is also roof repair over the lobby, and Jack came by and spent an hour cleaning and readying the church for all of tomorrow’s activities.
  • Waffle church is in the morning – a concept fun for kids with waffles (regular and gluten-free), maple syrup (the real deal and low sugar), and interactive worship time (crayons for everyone!). Ben won’t be able to come early and help as he’d planned due to his work, but he stopped in just to make sure there were enough supplies for the event and to lend his waffle maker. While there, he also helped us finish cleaning up and load our cars.

These are just a few of the people who put their faith into action for the lives the church impacts every day. This is a place not only of worship, meetings, and Sunday School; this is a place of compassion, love, relationship, peace, forgiveness, welcoming, justice, grace, and growth. We take Jesus instruction to welcome all, feed the hungry, and clothe those in need as a call to action. All are welcome in this place. And we do mean all.

I am humbled by the passion, energy, and diligence of these people I call Sunnysiders. Membership is not required to enter these doors. Faith in action is also not required, but it seems to be a side-effect of those who come here.


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