The Things They Have in Common

16 Apr

Although I miss my girls Daisy and Daffy, I am getting to know Miss Joy. We’ve been slowly building our relationship. My girls would NOT allow it when they were alive. If I paid too much attention to Joy or Merry, they would pay the price. Yes, I raised a couple of bully cats.

I am finding that Joy has a few things in common with Daffy. First, when Joy is begging, I am NOT allowed to pet her. Petting is permitted at most other times, but begging is serious work and distractions are against the rules. Fortunately, like Daffy, Joy is a somewhat distant and quiet beggar. She’s never in my face, and she doesn’t poke at my dish. At least not until she thinks I’m done. Then Joy stealthily makes her move. The thing I miss about Daffy was that she gave up fairly quickly. Joy has staying power and waits until the bitter end … no matter how slow I may be at finishing a meal that interests her.

Another trick they have in common is being quiet. Actually both Daffy and Daisy were both usually quiet girls, rarely talking, and more often mmmming. Kind of like a humm, but a gentle mmmmm. Merry is our talker, and she is NOT to be ignored. I am so glad that my new partner in crime is a quiet and gentle lady.

Lastly, she is a good sleeper. Actually, she has this in common too with both of my long-hair girls. Merry is yet again in a class all her own, waking my mom super early and repeatedly. Not my sweet Joy! She is glad to let me sleep so that she too can have her beauty sleep. Also like my girls, Joy will go back to bed when I head out for work. Okay, Merry goes back to bed after she kicks mom out of it, but Joy is content to come back to bed even if I’m in it on a weekend.

The one thing Joy does not have in common with our other cats, past or present, is dancing and singing for her food. So long as she thinks I might come give her some kitty crunchies, she is up there ready, dancing in circles and singing a song of elation for her meal. And I feed her small meals. Because she has tummy issues, I have to break her meals into three smaller parts. Then she seems to keep it down much better. She will sing and dance just the same for the first small portion as the last. My Joy is a joy!

A gray, short-hair tiger cat sitting upright on carpeting with a couch and table behind her.


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    April 16, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Sweet Joy – I’m so glad you’re bonding ♡

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