Stay of Execution & Likely Full Pardon

01 Nov

One could say that at work we have received a 30-day stay of execution with a full pardon soon to follow. Basically, our existing grant with the state has been reinstated for another 30 days, and, after some changes, we should be good to go for the long term once-a-gain. In other words, we get to keep our jobs!

However, in the meantime, there has been a loss of life. At least for me and my office. My colleague (Best One Ever & I’ve has amazing colleagues over the years) has accepted a job in another department. I will miss her knowledge, humor, and companionship greatly, but at least she’s not going far, just across the street and into accounting. I won’t be following, because math and I are not friends.

At least I am blessed to stay at one of the best employers with amazing and delightful colleagues and continue in the work I’ve been fortunate to have for the last seven years. I am extra blessed to have colleagues that only get better and better over the years, even after having some great ones to begin with many moons ago.

In other news, Joy and I are getting along better. It took a few weeks, but she’s appreciative of my room now. It took even longer, but she’s now using the kitty litter box in her new room. Of course, Merry still uses it on occasion as well, but there’s nothing new there. Merry tries to be the boss of us all. I’m still missing Daffodil & Daisy, but Joy is turning out to be good company too. She enjoys having a person all to herself again. Especially nice since she’s less nippy with me and more purry.

Joy kitty curled up on a gray blanket.

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