A Season of Grief

01 Oct

My Pastor named this time in my life well: A Season of Grief.

The non-profit program I have worked in for the last seven years is coming to an end on October 31, 2015. We are part of the cuts to create funding for the roads from MEDC. Without state funding, we lose our federal funding since an equal match is required to receive federal monies. Half of the programs like ours statewide are being eliminated. Not only do  request prayers for the dozen of my colleagues across the state and myself to find good work quickly. Fortunately, we are at the best possible local host to lose our jobs. So far, they have been beyond kind in this frustrating situation.

In other news, I have at least stopped going to the ladies room every 1/2 hour over this news, but I am now shedding more than the cats. How do I know? I’m finding my hair on them! Thank goodness I have much of the thin stuff, so it will take a while to be noticeable. Unless I get to stop this form of stress and start stressing in another way. Resumes, cover letters, and interviews, oh my!

In addition, I am still grieving my cat Daffodil. My mom has said several times that she’s never seen such a sick animal live her life with such grace and dignity. She’s right. That sweetie pie was sagging skin and thin bones by her end. But she still took such good care of her most beautiful hair that one could not tell unless they touched her to know how thin she had become. Although moving hurt, she sat still, tall, and elegant, so one could not see her turmoil. She was still extra kind to me with my migraines – caring more for me than for her own misery. Learning to live without her is like having my heart cut from my chest and stuck back in pieces that don’t fit well together anymore.

Not much humor for this blog today, except for finding more of my hair on the cats than I find cat hair on me. Well, there is some humor. Our clock that has a lovely little ding dong ring on the hour is dying. At least the little ding dong thingy bob is coming to its end. It starts off sounding lovely, but then sounds like a ghost calling for out with ooh’s and ah’s. Very appropriate for Halloween. That makes me giggle senselessly. A good thing right now. I do believe that laughter can heal.

Actually, that leads me to one more humorous thing: In our 24 week Bible Study class (we’re in week three), our eldest member said tonight, “My mom never would have let me read a book with so much sex in it.” Genesis has it going on! Although, it’s often cousins, multiple wives, and 1/2 siblings, so most of us are a lot grossed out by it. And yet, because of this, giggles abound in this Bible Study group of Christian friends. I thank God for such wonderful people in my life: work, church, and otherwise. So many blessings.

Diluted calico kitty on a cherry dresser with photos and a jewelry box behind her. She is laying on her tummy with her back gray food out a bit and her eyes looking at us intently.

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