Daffodil’s Last Day

12 Sep

Today was Daffodil’s last day. I will miss her greatly.

Of all the house-cats we’ve had thus far, Daffodil was the first to choose me. My first, Ashlee, a gift from the Lubbert family upon High School Graduation loved all of us equally. Jasmine loved my mom the most. Daisy selected my dad. Daffodil was the one who selected me! I was her chosen human. Of the two remaining, Joy likes both of us and Merry is totally my mom’s cat. Being chosen is a very special gift.

This little lady’s grace shone through until her last. Her long lovely locks never lost their luster in all her illness. Although she has been merely fur and bones for months, she’s continued to rule the roost of this home keeping all others in line with her steely eyed glare, and no need to raise a paw for control. She knew where she wanted to be and when, and she would arrive with grace and beauty, no matter the journey to get there. She still had spunk to run until this week. She made it to the litter box as often as she was able, no matter how she felt. She only ever begged with sweetness and gentle paws, assuring to get what she desired by her kindness in asking. And she always let me sleep in on Saturdays.

Daffodil was quiet (unless meat was cooking), sweet (especially when she was the sole source of my attention), strong (she lived 6 months past her drop dead date and a total of one and a half years with severe kidney failure), wise (you could just see the wisdom in her eyes when I read to her), and intelligent (if you played with a toy on a string, she would pat your hand and not the toy, because she knew you were holding the string that was tied to the toy).

Now she is with her sister and grandpa in heaven. She is also with my sister’s dog, Shadow – who passed on Tuesday. And my friend’s bunny OPI, who passed on Wednesday. So many furry friends at one time.

I thank everyone who has supported us in this journey of living with and caring for a terminally ill kitty. Most of my supporters have been there, and I appreciate the care and prayers. My prayer is that everyone know the love of a furry friend. It is worth the pain of loss to have those cherished memories and stories and love in your life.

Daffodil Ann, thank you for choosing me. I chose you too! You remain loved and treasured for always.

Calico cat laying on a chair on her side.

A princess award-like thing and a calico cat with her shiny green eyes and white chest looking at you.


Calico cat on mauve chair, sleeping, her arm over her foot. Diluted calico long-haired cat sitting in front of a basket with her nose in the air while she rests on fluffy pillows. A diluted calico cat with a white chest and gray and peach on her back and face sits on a mauve chair with a quited head rest. It reads, "Kim Marei's Daffodil, Not that one can own a Cat." A kitty with a crocheted circle on her head. She says, "I'm the eldest cat in the house. Even so, my mommy sometimes puts innappropriate crocheted objects on my head." 2013_04_13_4522 Sign IMG_8333 2 x 2 Sign IMG_0024 Sign IMG_3389 Sign IMG_6950 Sign IMG_2739 Sign Daffodil's Sun Nap Sign 2013_01_19_4034 Gray Green SIGN IMG_1910 Sign IMG_5509 Sign IMG_0062 Sign IMG_2797 Sign IMG_2677 Sign IMG_0152 Sign IMG_0436 Sign IMG_0045 Sign IMG_0062 Sign IMG_3599 Sign P1000671 Small Sig IMG_9156 Small Sing  IMG_9158 SmallIMG_9157 Small IMG_6411 Small Signature DandD Signed 2012_12_07_3784 Signature Small

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