Happy Birthday, To Me!

02 Aug

What a crazy and fun day! I got mom up, talked her into preparing my divine breakfast, and enjoyed the morning. Until she left for the family breakfast. However, being Saturday, I knew she’d come back long before she would normally come home from work.

Once she got home, she started cleaning and preparing veggies for salad (thanks to her nephews who plant a beautiful garden for the family). Yuck! Finally though, she did make chicken for me (and some for company too). She sautéed it like her friend Stacy taught her. Yum!

Some of our family came over and shared salad and cake, but they let me eat chicken. Of course, I’m not supposed to have that, being on a kidney failure diet and all. However, I won’t eat if I have to eat the kidney food – it’s nasty. After the last time mom heard that I was on borrowed time … significantly, she finally gave up trying to make me eat yucky stuff and stuck with 100% baby food. Mmmmm good! And that’s been many weeks now. Still here! As you’ll notice below, my fur is still delightful and my eyes still shine.

My cousin’s little people made me a neat hat, which I even wore for you. I also received a card and flower! This in addition to lots of loving pets all day long and real chicken. May your birthday be all you wish for! Mine was even more than that!

A princess award-like thing and a calico cat with her shiny green eyes and white chest looking at you.

A yellow birthday cake with gree grass, red flowers, lady bugs, and a greeting,

The image of a table center piece made of round paper with a pink stripped border and butterflies wishing a Happy Birthday. Purpose tissue stuff below. Yellow field flowers in a small vase beside it.

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