One Day until 17 Years: God is Good

01 Aug

Tomorrow is my big day! I’m extra excited for this weekend. I’ve always liked weekends because everyone usually stays home, or at least comes home more often. This weekend will be great, because I’ll have extra time with those I love.

I know that God did not give me kidney failure. It’s just a part of life for some of us felines go through. God doesn’t do that to His beings, because He gave us free will when we left the Garden of Eden (of course there were cats in that garden). We also have all that comes with free will. Yet God loves us and is here to provide comfort. He whispers love into my furry ears. One of these days, He’ll welcome me to Heaven where I’ll be with those who have gone before me.

Until then, I’ll be waking my mom up a bit earlier than she’d like for a Saturday, explaining that so long as she’s up she may as well provide my gourmet breakfast. Later, I’ll go to the guest room and take the sunniest spot, as it is my right as the matriarch. On rainy days, I’ll curl up under the softest covers I can find. When meat is cooked, I’ll explain my urgent need for meat (starting from the moment it leaves the refrigerator until the last bite is taken). I shall purr when my chin is scratched. I will provide radar ears for the entertainment of humans while I meditate. I may even permit my mom to pet Joy from time to time without a jealous glare … or at least I’ll try to look innocent and pleasant about it.

Although life can be short for some, painful for others, and everyone has rough spots, God is Good. All the time. At least that’s my perspective.

Calico cat laying on a chair on her side.

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