Three Days until 17 Years: Make Memories

30 Jul

Three days to go until my big day. When is your big day? What will you do? It’s vital to make memories to treasure.

I have so many memories that bring me happiness. Let’s list a few:

  • For Christmas one year, cousin Shanti gave us crunchy, cheesy treats. We liked them so much, we talked mom into getting them for us regularly. Thanks, Shanti!
  • Our friend Betsie made Joy a wonton shaped catnip treat, but Joy shares with me sometimes. (When this happens, I do find joy in Joy.) Thanks, Betsie!
  • When mom goes out of town with grandma, she invites Aunt Kerrie to take care of us girls. Kerrie makes it fun by asking us our opinion on things, watching our favorite TV shows, and sharing her dinner. She even lets us borrow her phone so we can text mom with updates. Thanks, Kerrie!
  • Aunt Lynn has made mom soft scarves, and sometimes they would fall down from their hanger onto the floor, so I curl up in the scarf and enjoy it’s warmth. Thanks, Lynn!
  • Cousin Julie way out in California sent mom some cat decorations. There was a glass cat, and I used to scratch my chin on the cat’s ear. Thank you, Julie!
  • Cousin Jennifer has given mom lots of fun cat books. Mom always reads them to us. They usually made me laugh, especially Grumpy Cat. What a hoot! Thanks,  Jennifer!
  • Aunt Becky gave us a cat statue that looks almost real if you don’t know it’s wooden. It’s fun to tease people with it and play hide and seek behind it. Thanks, Becky!
  • Each spring, mom picks some of Grandma’s buttery, yellow flowers and brings them in for us to only look at. I think they might taste like butter, but then she chases me away, so maybe it’s not a gift to eat? However, it’s rare I get in trouble, so it’s still a happy memory, for the thrill of being the naughty one. I see the attraction for my fellow feline friend Merry and her sporadic contrary ways. Thanks anyway!

These are just some of the many happy memories people have given us over the years. My birth mom was wrong, these two-footed, giant monsters aren’t really so bad. I’m still not going to sit in the lap of one, but they’ve turned out to be filled with kindness and generosity.

Diluted calico cat sitting up on a chair staring down at a bouquet of daffodils.

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