Five Days until 17 Years: Plan for Tomorrow

28 Jul

Wahoo! Getting closer to 17 years old. It’s a good thing!

Since March of 2014, my mom has been told I wouldn’t live long. But I’m still here. Her family has feared losing an aunt to cancer for half a year now. She’s still here. And of course, there are others who are not here who left us unexpectedly and/or suddenly.

No matter if you might go today, next year, or in a few decades, it’s okay to plan for tomorrow. I make plans with my fellow felines. I plan to be their matriarch until I’m not. Until then, I rule the roost, the sunniest spots are mine, and all humans are my primary support system. I am also preparing Merry to take over. (Okay, so she thinks she’s in charge now, but I warn her the reality is more encompassing that she thinks it is now.) Part of my plan is that ya’ll are secondary to my needs today. Granted, right now, my needs are greater, but I know mom will make time for all kitties, because she did when my sister was the Grand Dame of our Castle.

Even though the vets keep expecting I’m not long for this world, my mom continues to purchase food and litter for me. She continues to love me like she always has … with great kindness. She makes plans for me to be here, and she has done so since the first day of diagnosis. I also know, since she’s pragmatic, that she also makes plans for when I’m not here. But until then, she lives like I am here, which is appreciated, because I AM!

Basically, it’s a good idea to plan for both the best and the worst. Then make the most of the best, and grab a shoulder or two to hold you up for the worst. (We’ll also pray for the best, just to encourage more good in the world.)

2013_01_19_4034 Gray Green SIGN

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