Six Days until 17 Years: Sharing

27 Jul

Only a half-dozen more days until I turn 17 years old. I am having a purrfect time sharing my ancient wisdom!

Today’s topic: Sharing. It can be fun and annoying. It can have benefits and drawbacks. No matter, I still recommend it … in most cases.

Having shared meal time, nap time, bed space, sunny spots, snacks, catnip, and mom with my sister for most of my life, it is odd not doing so today. At first, I was super sad to be without her, but then I found that it’s nice to have mom all to myself. But I will always treasure having had a sister to share my life with each day. We just got each other. We had routines that just made sense to us and no other cat in the house. I highly recommend having a sibling around with which to share life.

Now I have two other house cats that I should share with … when I feel like it. It’s wasn’t easy when they arrived, because they came along much later. Yet I’m glad they are here, because Merry is more vocal than I am, and she is a great reminder to the humans that we have needs. Joy gets in trouble for sitting in the human favorite places, so I know my desire to do the same is expected feline behavior, and I must live up to expectations.

Sometimes we all share the guest room together, mostly when it’s sunny in there. My feline roommates made the argument for that room long ago, so it’s a reserved place we can all gather and rarely get hollered at for sitting in someone else’s favorite place. They also make the request for treats on a more regular basis than I do – probably because I don’t always feel good. But when they make that request, mom shares with me too.

Sharing doesn’t always mean that you are giving something up. It can mean that you gain because others will remember that you shared first. Sharing is a gift that lasts in the hearts of those who appreciate it. Give it a whirl! And come share some treats with me!

IMG_0436 SignA black tiger cat and a mostly white with some black and orange calico cat sit fanny to fanny on a maroon chair.

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