Seven Days until 17 Years: Peace

26 Jul

As I near my great celebration of 17 feline years, I must remember to take time for peace. To take time daily to rest and relax. To pray and to meditate.

Cats are most excellent at meditation. We have in innate ability to be fully aware of our environment while appearing to be at rest. Instead of following my lead of meditation, my human chooses to call it “radar ear awareness”. The one thing I am not able to control while meditating is my ears. They still turn to most sound. Mom thinks this is adorable and points it out to anyone nearby that my radar ears are working.

I guess this comes from an old TV show called MASH. It was some show long before my lifetime. However, she has shown me re-runs of this. I don’t see why she would even consider comparing me to Radar from that program. He turned is whole head! I mean, really, you humans sure need to learn better how to angle your ears instead of your whole head! It’s so obvious.

I wouldn’t still be here today if I didn’t have peace in my life. Rest is so important to health – mental, emotional, and physical. It can help give you peace of mind, body, and spirit. So if it appears that your cat is resting 16 hours a day or more, it’s to be healthy, happy, and harmonious with their fellow humans. It’s vital to YOUR health that we do so. Trust me, you don’t want a grumpy cat in your life.

PS: Mom wonders why I often rest holding a foot or two. I keep telling her it’s because they stay warmer that way, but she still thinks there might be another reason. Please talk to your cats about it, so that you can better understand and share it with my mom.

Calico cat on mauve chair, sleeping, her arm over her foot.

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