Nine Days ’til 17 Years: Loving my Sister

24 Jul

Nine days until I celebrate my 17th birthday. Until I was 16 years and nearly six months, I shared everything in my world with my sister Daisy. Although we were from the same litter, I’m sure she was several minutes (equaling years in her mind) older because she felt that she was the boss of nearly everything in my life. I didn’t mind, because I like not having to make too  many decisions. Now that she’s gone, I need my mom more, because it’s odd not having my sister by my side.

I know I was fortunate that mom took us in together. Many cats are split up when they are adopted. Even though we had our spats, there was friendship and love that I treasure even now. We were good at sharing most things, in part because our mom treated us equal. Even though my sister demanded to be pet first and foremost, I knew that there would be equal pets for me later. Mom was fair like that in all things. Mom misses her too, and we reminisce together. She tells me I’ll see Daisy and grandpa in Heaven one day, but that I don’t need to rush there.

Treasure those you are with. You don’t have to agree all of the time (even mom and I have our spats now and again), and you don’t have to be together all of the time (mom often leaves me for work, and my sister often took the best spots in the sun), but if possible, take time to love those in your life. You don’t know how long they will be with you, and you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to show them how precious they are to you.

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