Memorial Day Memories: 2015

26 May

This afternoon my mom said that she would go out and mow the lawn. I asked if it was dry enough from earlier rains, and she hoped it would be so. However, she no sooner opened the garage door and started the mower when it not only rained again, but in a torrential downpour with nasty and whipping winds. It only lasted a few minutes, but it left leaves and small branches scattered. She turned it off, shut the garage door, and returned to the house.

When she said that she would mow, I was laying down to read and nap. I didn’t feel one bit guilty because I buried my cat Daisy this morning, with help from my nephew Chris and brother Bruce. Since she passed on in January, my brother has kept her on ice for me so that we could wait until the ground would be more kind. For one moment of fright while digging, we cut through what we thought was a root, but turned out to be an electrical wiring.

Fortunately, a few years ago our home was separated from the farm electricity. Today, our home did NOT lose power, nor did any of the barns, and my brother did not get electrocuted. I am not about to forget this burial of my beloved Daisy. She whom my dad chose and then she chose to thank him for her freedom from farm life with all of her days. She is now in the earth my dad cared for all of his days.

This evening I keep in prayer all who have served in the military. I give thanks that nephews Bill and Ben and uncles Ralph, Jim M., and Robert all came home to live out their lives. Many cousins have served as well. May all have peace of mind, respect, and find joy in life. For some, it’s more difficult than others.

A cloud with the rainbow beneath it.

A cloud with the rainbow beneath it.

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