08 Apr

My Daffodil has longevity. She was diagnosed one year and one month ago with kidney failure. Our vet gave her from 2 months to one year to live from that horrible moment in time. Today, she is one month past her potential expiration date. Amen!!!

It’s been a long year, a year of many disagreements about her meals, a year of surprises at losing her sister first, a year of joy in celebrating their lives, and a year of contemplating the value of life.

In that same vein, yesterday would have been my niece Erin’s 36th birthday. She made it to her 26th birthday. We did not know when we celebrated that joyous event in the home of our friend Lynn that six months, one week, and two days later she would die suddenly in a motor cycle accident. Life is precious and short.

Between the three of us, Lynn, Erin, and I, we all thought Lynn would be the first to go, because she has a disease that is known to shorten life. (Seriously, we talked about these things … and so very much more. I miss those talks, laughs, and hiccups that followed.) We thought I’d be next, because I’m a chunky monkey and the least active of the three of us. But no, it was Erin, our vivacious, intelligent, talented, and inspiring friend who left us first.

We never know the order of things. Sure, there’s the most likely order, but that doesn’t stop life from interfering. Too many friends and family are enduring cancer and other illnesses at this time. Remember to love your loved ones while we get to have them in our lives here on earth. I send my love to all of mine, those here on earth and those otherwise engaged.

It’s spring. Go forth and enjoy the Daffodils and Erins of the world!

A diluted calico cat with a white chest and gray and peach on her back and face sits on a mauve chair with a quited head rest. It reads, "Kim Marei's Daffodil, Not that one can own a Cat."View PostTwo friends in their mid-twenties. One standing, One sitting. One lives today, One is missed greatly. Signed, "A moment in the life of two friends. - Kim Marie"

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