It’s Hard To Say Good-Bye

09 Feb

Some say, “it’s just a cat.” I’d never agree with that, and most people in my life would condemn that phrase as well. But if you do buy that, try this on for size: I’ve lived with her for 16 years. Can you suddenly be without someone you’ve lived with and loved for 16 years? I sure can’t.

My Daisy needed little care most of her life, but she gave us so much joy. In the end, much care was required, and I gave it willingly, without reserve, and with passion for her comfort. And now, she doesn’t need me. She’s in Heaven, where she belongs, with her grandpa who saved her from the life of a barn cat (for which she thanked him daily). Learning to live without him was also painful and too abrupt. These 11 years without him seem like 11 minutes at times.

Yet I still live with a sick kitty. Daisy’s sister has kidney failure. If Daffodil doesn’t eat her prescription food, she starts to fail. Talking her into eating the nasty stuff is a job I take on with the heart’s desire I took on for Daisy’s needs. Anything for quality time with these gifts from God. As I type this, Beyoncé and Sam Smith are singing “Stay with Me” on the Grammy Awards. I’m praying I have a long while yet with this lovely spirit in fur.

As painful as losing Daisy has been, I know it will be ten times worse when Daffodil follows. For today, she’s here and actually doing quite well. But I’ve been warned her time here is short. I ache and lose my breath to even consider that today.

Daily life with pets is so very much better. There is a love and care there that is extraordinary. It is a two-way street. Our one cat has such love for my mom, the kitty is nothing but dejected without her mommy. She mopes around and cries out for her, seeking her. It’s not just a matter of food or a clean litter box. It’s friendship, appreciation, and companionship.

As sad as I am now, I know I’m better for these girls. I miss Daisy so much because she was vital to my happiness, and we were to her. I wouldn’t trade one moment with her to avoid this pain. God blessed us with each other.

Daisy Lynn Bourner
August 1998 ~ January 2014


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