Daisy’s Last Day

17 Jan

Today was my kitty Daisy’s last day on earth. But it was also her first day in Heaven. I need to concentrate on that or I cry buckets of tears.

On January 30, 1999 we finally managed to capture two gorgeous barn cats that my dad had deemed “too pretty for barn life”. After working to tame them for over a month in the barn and bring them into our home, they had locked themselves into the cat carrier we had down there hoping to one day use for them. We had nearly 16 full years of joy with both of them. Today, January 16, 2015, Daisy went on to be with the one who saved her from the barn and eating mice: My dad. He saved her, and she never, ever forgot it. Her love for my dad turned my mom – a primarily dog person – into a dog AND cat person.

In April of 2014, we were told my kitty Daffodil (Daisy’s sister from the same litter), had kidney failure. All these months I’d been getting myself ready to live without her. But on December 9th, we found out that Daisy had a huge tumor in her lung and would be lucky to make it another month. She made it five weeks.

Dr. Penning from the Eight Street Animal Hospital came to the house and helped Daisy find comfort in the gift humans are not permitted to give one another in most US States. I couldn’t recommend them more. They helped me months ago when Daffodil needed it and my vet was out sick. Today, they came to the rescue again, but this time in my home where Daisy was even on her favorite chair when she passed from this earth.

She was grace and elegance until the last moment. She never missed the litter box. She even refused to toss her cookies on the bed, but she got up multiple times during the night to do so on the floor where I can easily clean it up. She groomed as much as possible until the last couple of days, and she was thankful each time I brushed her to help keep her pristine fur as soft as an angel’s wings. She was truly the queen of our roost and following the proper etiquette put forth by Queen Elizabeth as much as possible.

Here are a few photos of her majestic beauty:

00000508 Daffodil & Daisy 2002 00000511 Daisy 2004 00000550 Harold & Daisy 2000 00000551 Harold & Daisy DAILY 2001 00000569 Harodl & Daisy January 2004 2011_12_12_0181 2 x 2 Signed 2012_03_31_0838 SIGNED 2013_03_03_4307 SIGNED OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_0090 SIGNED IMG_0418 SIGNED IMG_0716 SIGNED IMG_1056 SIGNED IMG_1080 SIGNED IMG_3028 Sign IMG_4365 SIGNED OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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