04 Jan

There’s a thief in the room. By accident, of course.

Earlier this week, after visiting those not able to get out much for the holidays, my mom, friend Kerrie, and I did a little shopping. One place we stopped in at was CJ Banks. There was a sweater I wanted to try on, but it wasn’t appropriate to do so over the sweatshirt I was wearing. I looked around and found a blouse to try on under it. Sure enough, I liked the sweater, with approval from my fellow shoppers, took off the sweater to go purchase it, and put back on the sweatshirt.

As we finished our tour of the mall (each of us shoppers with a new sweater from the holiday sale) making some delightfully smelly purchases (Yankee Candle & Bath & Body), my sweatshirt felt oddly tight. I kept fidgeting with it to no avail. We had dinner at Olga’s kitchen, where I fiddled more. We ended up at Walgreen’s, our last stop of the night, where I had to pick up photos I’d intended to pick up there twice before on two other outings and managed to forget each time (this time I had two co-horts to help remind me).

As we were perusing the Christmas sale candy, I continued to yank at my shirt, when understanding dawned on me. I looked down, and it was sadly true. I did NOT take off the blouse back at CJ Banks! I was wearing it!!! THIEF!!!

I practically screamed at the thought, and Kerrie turned to see what I was so upset about. I lifted the bottom of my shirt to show her the blouse, and she burst into laughter and whispered loudly, “Shop Lifter!” Good thing there were few employees working that night, so none of them were near to hear us. Then mom asked why we were upset, and I showed her. She said, “That’s a nice blouse, I’m glad you got it.” Ummmm…. NO!

When we got home shortly after I paid for ALL purchases at that store, I ripped off the sweatshirt, and mom said, “that’s nice you should go buy it.” Well, no, because it had a painfully busy print, and it was too snug in the wrong places. Not that you’d know it because the print was so loud.

Today, after a great breakfast at East Egg with family (finally got to see the only nephew I missed at Christmas events and his fiance and four delightful cousins), and then visiting the one person who wasn’t in when we visited folks on Tuesday, we went back to the scene of the crime. With tail tucked between my legs, I returned the blouse and explained what happened. Do you know what the store clerk said? “Oh, you’re such a sweet thing to be so kind.” And she laughed that I was upset all the while putting it back out for sale. We ended up chatting about our holidays, and the police did not come to haul me off to jail for shop lifting.

Moral of the story: Do what is right, and you’ll have a great story to share with friends, family, and strangers on the journey of life.

PS: If you read yesterday’s post, please know that my dear Miss Daisy kitty is having a great day! She’s eaten two meals and come out to visit us on her own. This means she has eaten four times the food of yesterday and is getting around better. Each day is a journey of ups and downs with her, and today was an up.

A photo of me, my mom, and friend Isabel at a visit with Isabel back in  May 2014.

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