The Bright Spot

02 Jul

My kitty living with terminal kidney failure needs to go to the vet now and again. This last time, she was starting to get dehydrated, and I needed to take her in. The vet was very kind and shared something that warmed my heart and soul.

The vet was listening to Miss Daffy’s heart. I had been petting Daffy, but she started to fidget anyhow, so I began talking to her. The vet said to keep it up – my voice was slowing her heartbeat to normal levels. Me? I make someone in my life regular! Who knew?

I give thanks to hear from a third party that her love of me is confirmed yet again. In all of this life’s turmoil, I needed to hear that. Thank you, Dr. Penny!

This reminded me of my grandma. My mother’s mother. I remember once going into her room, and she waved me in although she and my mom were talking. I gave her a hug, like always, and my mom left us alone to visit.

Later, on the way home, my mom asked if I noticed anything different about grandma that day. I didn’t. She asked if I remember that they were talking, and I came into the room. I did. She said that her mother’s face lit up when I came into the room. I said that grandma always looked that way.

I don’t ever recall grandma without a smile. (Well, except when I smashed her toe under the bathroom door, but we’ll forget that one instance.) For me, she was always a bright spot in any and every day. After what my mom said, I knew that I was a bright spot for her too.

Now, I am honored to be that for someone else. And Daffy is a bright spot for me.

Moral of the Story: May you find that you are the bright spot for someone in your life.

2013_04_13_4522 Sign

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