Terminal, Bully, or Both?

16 May

I adore my little kitty who has terminal kidney failure. Well, I adore them all, but Miss Daffy returns the appreciation a bit more than others.

However, the other evening there was some commotion in the corner of the living room we now consider hers. You see, for years, she has deferred to her sister’s authority. It’s not that she likes to, but her sister is literally twice her size, large, and in charge. Miss Daisy has the attitude of a matriarch with a bit of an attitude that she was born first and should always be first … in all things … no matter the situation, time of day, or who else might be in need more. Miss Daffy is usually a peacekeeper, and avoids Miss Daisy’s bad and/or bossy side.

Yet there are other cats in the house. Both of whom came about 8 years after Miss Daffy and Miss Daisy. Therefore, they are underlings of my sister kitties. Usually, the newer kitties, if they fight, have spats with each other. Rarely do they push it with my now “elderly” cats (I don’t like thinking of them as that old!).

Since Miss Daffy’s terminal diagnosis, we have somewhat set her up in one of two wing chairs. Until that time, she and her sister would sit where ever they pleased in the evening in the living room, and they would occasionally swap seats at some point during the evening. In the last few months, Daffy has only sat in the chair to the south of the room where we have water for her and extra padding on the seat.

Last night, one of the other cats climbed onto the top of the back of Miss Daffy’s chair. Shortly there after, Miss Daffy did her best to beat the crap out of the offending cat! And that cat also weighs – literally – twice as much as herself. It’s been a couple of days, and the other kitty is still a bit skittish of Miss Daffy.

Apparently, that is now officially her chair, and no other feline is welcome to it. Not even the top of the chair where Miss Daffy would surely not deem suitable for sitting. Matters not – it’s hers now, and it’s hers for defending.

Moral of the Story: No matter how bad it gets, there are ways you can stand up for yourself. Take charge of your own life … no matter the diagnosis.

2013_10_17_5999 Sign

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