Today’s Hero: Chris

28 Jan

Every day has a hero or two in it. For me, today’s hero is my nephew Chris and all of his fellow plow folks.

Chris takes care of his family in many ways. He not only provided a beautiful home for his wife and children, supports them with his many talents, but makes sure to have time to relax and enjoy his family. He also takes care of his extended family, such as household repairs for his grandma, tractor and truck maintenance for his uncle, and volunteering to help others as needed.

In the winter is when I appreciate Chris the most, especially with all of this snow this particular winter. Each year, there might be lots of snow in the drive when I leave for work, but the end of our driveway has been kept so clean from the road plow icy mucky rocky buildup that I can always get out. But coming home from work after much snow, it is always fantastically plowed. It makes the joy of “Home Sweet Home” all the more endearing. It’s not only our driveway, but all of the drives used in the winter for the family farm. This includes the driveway to allow customers to stop at the apple storage so my brother can continue to sell his many apples in the ultra cold winter. (Hint, hint, Bourner’s Orchard still has apples for sale.)

This winter in particular, much plowing has been needed. This winter, the frequency is every few days instead of once-a-week or so.This winter, the snow is off the charts (much like 1978 when we had a drift reaching the roof of the garage). This winter, like many years of winters, Chris has come to our rescue. This winter, I couldn’t appreciate him more! Please take a moment and admire his magnificent work with me. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen since thick sliced rye bread at MacKenzie’s Bakery.

Photo of our driveway beautifully plowed! So nice and flat and high piles of snow on the side.

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