Farewell 2013, Greetings 2014

01 Jan

One year is coming to a close and another is opening up. I look forward to new opportunities for all good things to come.

In 2013, I made a few resolutions, some of which I succeeded in keeping:

  • Go to the gym once-a-week when I’m not volunteering: Maintained for 6 months.
  • Write in a journal daily: Maintained (or went back to complete) for 9 months … until I lost it. (This is 6 months longer than all past attempts.)
  • Found the journal in month 11 behind some overgrown dust bunnies … and still haven’t gotten back in the swing of it.
  • Eat more fruits and veggies: Which I do better when they are in season with an abundant garden out back.
  • Read 95 books in 2013: Read 100. (I’m hoping that 5% helps to bolster some that weren’t so good.)
  • Finish: scrapbooking through 2010: Done!
  • One blog for each day of 2013. Done!

In 2014, my resolutions are about the same. There are a few additions:

  • Find joy in everyday … even if it’s a cat antic or eating a fresh raspberry.
  • Get a 2014 journal and don’t lose it … while actually writing in it daily (or near so) for one year.
  • Start and finish scrapbooking 2011, and perhaps some of 2012.
  • Drink more tea and less soda pop.
  • Blog at least weekly. (Daily was too stressful, hence bullet #1 for 2014.)

What are your plans for 2014? What were your successes for 2013?

Praying you have a good year, and that health and happiness are in you every step of the way.

Fireworks in the night sky above the tree line.

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