Hand-made Ornament

17 Dec

Last year for Christmas, my friend Kerrie gave me an ornament with my initial on it. She actually painted it in front of me, saying that it was for her friend Katie for Christmas. We were at the Fire House in Marshall, Michigan ( It is one of the best places in Marshall, in addition to the scrapbook retreat, scrapbook store, and beading store. Of course Kerrie and I would enjoy these things together, because we met over crafting.

I believe it was 2006 when I was unemployed. As with the death of my father and other loved ones, there is also before and after being unemployed for nearly a year. I met Kerrie during that period of unemployment while enjoying the only extravagance I maintained – scrapbooking. It’s more like high quality therapy for me, and I even have something tangible to take home at the end of the night, in addition to the boost of encouragement from faithful and faith-filled friends.

An adult once told me when I was entering college that people rarely make friends after college. I feel sad for that person, because I have made many treasured friends since then. Kerrie is one such gem. She was introduced to me by another friend I made scrapbooking – Marilyn – whom I had been scrapbooking with for years. The fun thing about all three of us is that we not only enjoy crafting, remain single (not all of us by choice), and have faith in the Lord, but we also have spoiled pets and volunteer for animal rescue groups.

Friends are a blessing, no matter where and when we meet them. May you have friends you can depend on who give you personal gifts too – most especially time!

Ceramic Christmas tree ornament in the shap of a mitten with the letter K in the middle. Shades of blue iwth little snow flakes on the top and bottom.

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One response to “Hand-made Ornament

  1. thebippityboppitybeautifulblog

    December 20, 2013 at 8:02 am

    I LOVE THIS!!! 😀

    So cute.

    I hope you have a beautiful day! ❤


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