The Fair: Mine and Theirs

27 Oct

I enjoy the Fair, but it is apparently not for the typical reason.

As a child, my parents would take me to the Fair each year. It was a wonderful afternoon of seeing most of our fellow farming friends, all of the animals and their ribbons, all of the exhibits in the hall, and eating all of a Polish dog with some of the trimmings. For me, the very best part of the day was the smells! There are a few animals for which their scents just make me happy: Cows, horses, and bunnies (there are others who like these smells too!). I can do without the scent produced by pigs and wet sheep.

As I grew up, I offered to take my youngest niece and nephews to the Fair. However, once we arrived at the Fair, we did not see eye to eye. Sure, my parents had taken me on a ride or two, but that wasn’t the thrill of it to me. My nephews didn’t have the Farm Bureau group meeting in their home a couple of times a year. They didn’t grow up knowing their milk man and milk tester. Sure, their mom had chickens and turkeys, and their dad occasionally had a cow or two, but it wasn’t the same farming community that my parents had as full-time Dairy Farmers. When we got to the Fair, they didn’t recognize the names of nearly all of the people showing animals. Don’t get me wrong, they knew many people there and their animals and they know about the rigors of farming, but the sight of these animals didn’t bring them the joy it brings to me. For them, it was the rides.

In the end, I’d make them look at least half of the animals as well as a few entries in the exhibit hall. Then I’d buy a night of rides. They were okay (I don’t care for rides that are not permanently installed and embedded into the ground). The one area we did all agree on was the tasty treats: elephant ears, snow cones, and Polish dogs.

I still enjoy the Fair. I just declare beforehand that I WILL be looking at ALL of the animals WITH the wee one I bring. Only then will I buy a large round of rides on those creepy, unattached monstrosities.

Moral of the Story: We are not all entertained by the same things. For some, it’s a barn filled with smelly creatures, and for others it’s the excitement of a roller coaster.

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