Soft Food Fight

14 Oct

These lovely ladies have decided they wish to switch from hard food to soft food. Did you know there are at least seven descriptions for the meat in canned cat food? Minced, chunky, flaked, bits, shredded, cuts, and ground. Then there’s with cheese, egg, veggies, and rice. Some have more gravy than others. Of course there’s beef, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, and on and on.

Finally, the cans say to feed them 2.5 ounces per pound of cat. Hmmmm… one weighs 6.4 pounds and the other 12.4 pounds, but they both eat less than one 3 oz can per day so far. This is no matter how I divvy out multiple cans in a single day. Ack! I still put some hard food out, and they aren’t finishing that either.

I can see that this is a lengthy endeavor to get it right. Outside of mealtime, they are happy and healthy as usual.

I am thanking God that water remains the same for both. Phew! Or should I be worried?

Dear cat owned friends, how goes it?
Dear cat-less friends, I’m guessing you’re glad this is a battle you may never know.

IMG_6950 Sign

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