Seek and You Shall Find

01 Oct

I keep hearing so-called experts in social media claim that people don’t check beyond the first page of a search on the internet.

They obviously haven’t bothered to ask me about this. Sometimes the most fascinating information comes from the second, third, or seventh page. It’s something I’ve always done, because even without knowing about paid search engine optimization all those years ago, I was suspicious of the first page returns for a search engine. Sure enough, the real matches are sometimes four and five pages deep.

Some examples I’ve found are health issues from the CDC, Shakespeare facts from history experts, and cat health facts from actual veterinarians. Not the cat health facts from the three top pet food companies who are constantly competing for the top space everywhere, but actual doctors. Sure, the pet food companies do hire vets to get the facts, but I’d rather hear it straight from the vets mouth and not second-hand through the food company. Or at least to hear it from both and find that the facts from both match up.

That leads me to another thing… do people just go with one of the search returns on the first page for all of their information about that topic? Hmmm… last I knew it was good to research multiple websites. Good stuff is found by getting to the fifth and sixth page for lots of great details!

Moral of the Story: Just as beauty is not merely skin deep, neither is an internet search. Dig deep and see the heart of the matter.

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One response to “Seek and You Shall Find

  1. vitalempower

    October 4, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    Thank you for sharing 🙂 V


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