Look to the Light

05 Sep

No matter what’s going on, give it your best to look at the brighter side.

When your car breaks down on the way to work and it’s pouring rain while you try to fix it waiting for AAA, look at the bright side – it could have been smashed by a semi (and the insurance would kick in).

When your cat hacks up hair balls making you late to work because you needed to attempt to clean up the mess before leaving, look at the bright side – they survived the event (and you have no vet bills).

When you wake in the middle of the night and spend hours on the porcelain thrown with an icky tummy, look at the bright side – it’s only IBS and not the stomach flu (you CAN go to work on 3 hours sleep).

When you attempt to pay some bills online just before bed and only half of the websites work for timely payment, look on the bright side – you were able to pay the phone bill to call in the rest of the payments.

When you have company for dinner and plan only to have a baked dinner (zucchini with dill, green and yellow beans with sage, spinach with red onion, baked potatoes, and peach cobbler), and the stove and oven is out of commission so you serve it raw instead (minus the potatoes), look on the bright side – eating these veggies is considered healthy to most (but will cause that IBS attack later in you).

When you’re on the way home on a hot (to the point of ozone action) summer day and you get stuck in traffic for over an hour … after buying ice cream for your family, look on the bright side, you made it home! And home is where the cat will teach you to look on the bright side … anyway.

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