29 Aug

What do you do when events or plans are cancelled?

For example, a friend and I were to go out of town for a day trip. At the last minute, she was called into work. Do I go to work even though I’ve scheduled a vacation day (not if I can help it)? Do I take a nice, long nap (this is always a good idea)?

Another example is work. I had an appointment with a client scheduled for tomorrow. She has to reschedule for another day. What to do? Go on with the day doing the usual work at that time? See if another client can come instead? Get to that pile of papers buried in my drawer?

Lastly, what if you were to have dinner with cousins scheduled for 6 p.m., and everyone cancels at 5 p.m.? Do you go out to dinner alone? Do you unpack that suitcase from a month ago? Do you go shopping for new cousins?

Here’s what I do when there’s a cancellation. I consider it free time! Okay, I should be disappointed when things are cancelled. But really, most of the time, they are only postponed. A time will come again to meet up with friends, have dinner with cousins, or work with a client.

What doesn’t come often is unscheduled time. Time when I don’t have anything specific to do is precious. Maybe I could go shopping for fun things and not groceries. Maybe I could get a project done that I haven’t fit in yet. Maybe I could take a nap (do not miss the opportunity to sleep)! Oh, maybe I could write long letters to family and friends. It doesn’t matter so long as I enjoy it.

Even at work. I will be getting to a project that I’ve set aside previously during that time tomorrow. It’s one I want to get done, but I needed a full couple of hours to do it right, and it hasn’t been a priority. Well, it is work, so it could end up that something else will come up. It usually does. Oh well, there’s hope tonight!

Moral of the Story: Time is a precious treasure. Treat it as such. Especially knowing that you can usually reschedule and have the excitement to look forward to again. The time together will be even more sweet.

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