Hay Season

16 Aug

It is hay season ’round these parts.

This is back breaking work. It can be win or lose depending on the weather. If you store it damp, it can burn your barn to the ground.

And yet it’s easier than my father’s hay season. These wagons are designed for a “kicker bailer”. A kicker bailer creates the bail and then kicks it into the wagon. The high sides are to catch the bails. You can’t fit as many bails in the wagon, but you don’t need two guys on the wagon pulling the bails back and stacking them. It’s still good to have someone bring you fresh wagons and take the full wagon’s back to the ranch.

One thing hasn’t changed: You still need help to unload. Whether it’s your own barn or someone else’s, it must all be put away until it’s use … and that takes people power. Usually two people in the barn and one or two on the wagon are needed. The more bodies, the quicker the work goes.

Morale of the Story: No matter how times change, people power is remains required to get anything done.

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