Prayers Needed

21 Jul

Normally, I like to keep this blog separate from my current personal life. I usually like to dwell on things, and perhaps share them later with humor and perspective. Today ia not one of those times. Today is current.

My mom and I returned home from Petosky, Michigan last night. At times, it was a white-knuckle drive due to heavy rain with low visibility. The closer to home, the worse it got. By the time we arrived home, I could barely un-curl my fingers from the steering wheel. I hadn’t realized how tight I was gripping it.

There were many times when I took my foot off the gas and slowly applied the brake. At one point, I completely pulled off of the road. I prayed prayers of thanksgiving all night that we made it home.

Unfortunately, a family member is not at home now, but she WILL be going home in a few weeks. She was in an accident due to the same weather. Someone coming toward them crossed the yellow line and side-swiped them. My young family member and her friend sitting next to her were hurt the worst and will be in the hospital for weeks due to their internal, back, and (the friend’s) head injuries. Sadly, the driver of the other car died at the scene of the accident.

There is power in prayer, and this family is seeking your prayers today for our loved ones.

I am also giving thanks that she is alive today. In my family, it seems that when tragedy strikes, it takes our loved ones instantly or there is great suffering and then there’s the loss. Perhaps with this new generation, that history of tragic death will come to an end. Perhaps the opportunity to heal – for the long-term – will be with us.

Dear Lord,
You are in control, and you gave us certain freedoms. You did not cause this accident, nor did you intend for harm to come to any of your children. When we left the Garden of Eden, you gave us free will, the ability to be harmed by each other and by natural events, such as a terrible rainy night. Yet you are here with us, crying with us, suffering with us, and never giving up on us. Our prayers are not always answered in the time or fashion we’d like, but you remain with us.
Please be with everyone involved in this accident. Hold us in the palm of your healing hand. In you, I put my faith, and I give over my family member for healing. Only you can find a way to bring good to us all.
You gave us the rainbow as a promise. The storm is still brewing here, and we sit it your all-healing palm today. May we see the rainbow tomorrow?

IMG_8657 Sign

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