The Balance of Life

20 Jun

Tonight I took a Zumba Swim class at the gym. What? You didn’t know I belong to a gym? Yep, that’s because I rarely go.

The class was fun, and I laughed the whole time. The instructor stands outside of the pool to show us what to do. This alone is difficult, because I can’t see much without my glasses, and I was in the back of the class (having arrived late, as usual). One of the women in the class said I should wear my glasses in the water, but I can’t stand water on my glasses. That’s why I use an umbrella – not to protect my hair, but to protect my glasses from those tiny droplets that annoy my vision. No matter, my example of what the instructor performed for us was NOT even close.

Getting hydrated for the class is a fine balance. I need to drink enough water so that I don’t get dehydrated, which means becoming hot, dizzy, and unstable. But I also need to drink enough not to have to pee before the class is over. Women all over the world know what a frustrating experience that is. Once the suit goes on dry, it cannot come off wet until all swimming is utterly complete.

Now that class is done, I’ve taken a guess as to the proper amount of water to consume before class, and I’m cozy at home, I realize that I am now the most sore I’ve been since I don’t know when. Oh, my, that was a good workout! I hope I can function tomorrow.

Morale of the Story: Water is required for life. Yet there is a fine balance of how much, when, and where.

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