You Call That What?

31 May

For my job, I travel quite a bit (for me). Sometimes I’ve been gone two solid weeks. In one case, I was alone in the Washington, DC area for a week on my own and then a week at a conference with colleagues. The first week, each time I ordered a cherry cola, the waiter or waitress would say something that I could not understand. I asked a few times, and I still didn’t get it.

The following week my colleagues joined me (I passed that class, by the way). At dinner the first night, I ordered a cherry cola. I didn’t understand what the waitress said, and my colleague asked her to write it down. Turned out, it was Rob Roy. In the Washington, DC area, a cherry cola is known as a Rob Roy. She said that this was the male version of a female drink: Shirley Temple. A Shirley Temple is a lemon/lime soda pop mixed with cherry flavor.

Years before this, a former supervisor enjoyed iced tea with lemonade. No matter what restaurant we went to (and he treated all of the office out to lunch at least once-a-month) he ordered a drink: half lemonade and half iced tea. One day near Boss’s Day while I was shopping in the local grocery store, in the tea isle I saw a can with the name Arnold Palmer. It was the drink he enjoyed for lunch. I bought it for him. He was delighted to find it in a can. I can’t remember if he didn’t know it was called an Arnold Palmer or if he was surprised to see it in a can … or both. No matter, it’s yet another drink named after a famous character.

There are many drinks with interesting names that have alcohol in them, but I can’t have alcohol due to migraines. (I choose not to suffer that way on purpose, so I avoid the stuff.) What other drinks are named after famous characters (yes, people are characters too)? I know of these three:

Cherry Cola (I don’t say Coca Cola or Pepsi, because I don’t care which): Rob Roy
Cherry favored Lemon/Lime Soda Pop: Shirley Temple
1/2 Lemonade and 1/2 Iced Tea: Arnold Palmer

I look forward to any others you know of! Please share here…

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2 responses to “You Call That What?

  1. Beate

    May 31, 2013 at 10:29 am

    In Germany we kids got a drink after school: 1/2 beer and half Lemon soda called “Alsterwasser” = Alster a river forming an inner harbor in the town of hamburg, where I grew up and “Wasser”= water in German. Your cherry soda reminded me on that. After i was 8 or 9 we drank malted beer after school. I now follow Jesus and do not drink anything with alcohol in it, because I think I probably was a drunk, since all my life until i met Jesus I was drinking one alcoholic thing or another every day of my life.
    I pray for you migraines to go away. My co worker had much success with acupuncture- she doesn’t suffer anymore. Stress on the job doesn’t help either. I hope you enjoyed DC. I live 2 hours north and we used to go to the Smithsonian often, when we home schooled the children. Much blessings to you!

    • Humor Happens

      May 31, 2013 at 10:51 am


      So glad you brought back memories. Actually, there’s proof Christ drank, but in moderation. He did turn water into wine! But I absolutely respect not drinking at all. It’s a healthy lifestyle.

      As for migraines, it’s been over 20 years, and I’ve tried acupuncture … among hundreds of other things. It helped some, but not a cure all for me. Glad it worked for your friend.

      I enjoy Washington, but wish I could see more of it in the daytime. Because I’m there for work, I’m inside all day, so I usually get to see the monuments in the dark and miss the amazing museums. I want to see all of the Smithsonians.


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