24 May

Temptations differ for many, but they are still there. In the photo below, I see at least four. Oh, where to start!

For me, there are two here: Onion rings and soda pop. Oh, the crunch of a crisp onion ring and the cool ranch dressing. So very delightful! Then, to wash it down with a sweet and ice cold cola, preferably with cherry flavoring, also known as grenedine. Such delicious sinfulness!

As you seek out a third temptation, there is the ash tray. Not only is this NOT a temptation for me, but it’s an allergen. No good comes from this. Although those addicted will say it calms them. Without it, stress is unbearable.

Lastly, the final temptation I see here is the tan elbow. So many believe a tan makes their appearance more beautiful. All I see is the temptation to allow melanoma into their lives. I’ve seen the treatment for this, and I don’t know anyone who tans who would want to endure that treatment.

Nope, there’s nothing good in this photo. All bad habits. Oh, wait, what is that around the edges of this photo? Why, I think it’s friends! Yes, indeed, there are friends surrounding this table. With friends, all good things are possible.

Morale of the Story: No matter how bad things get, or where our habits take us, there are friends.

IMG_5726 Sign

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