Fly Away, Pain

20 May

Dear Pain,

We’ve known each other for decades. You know me well. You know to change when I learn to deal with you. There are times that I believe you’ve gone for a good long time, then you surprise me and return as I get up from my chair or turn my head to look across the room.

Oh, Pain, I have tried so many treatments to be rid of you. You are not a friend I desire for my life. I desire hope, faith, and trust. There is no room for you in my life, in my closet, at the office, or with my friends. Yet you continually attempt to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

I must admit that I have learned from you. I have learned to carry on, as much as possible. I have been fortunate to work for blessedly supportive employers and supervisors for all of these years with you in my life. They understand when I need more time to remove you from my day. Despite all of your efforts, there is good in my life.

None the less, I wish for you to take a step back. Take note of my preventative efforts, and take a flying leap. May your flight take you far from this place.

Not Your Friend

Morale of the Story: Life can go on, and I give thanks that it does.

IMG_9752 Sign

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