Sisters, Sometimes

12 May

These girls are sisters, most of the time. Or is that some of the time?

Any which way, we have adopted these two kitties. I call them sisters. They were not born sisters by blood, but in our eyes, in our home, they are now sisters. I believe most pet adopters feel this way.

Yet in the world, as a human, I have a half-sister and a half-brother. My mom is their step-mom. My brother calls me his sister and he calls my mom his mom. My sister calls me her half-sister and she calls my mom her step-mom. I have always called them my sister and brother.

Then again, I am significantly younger, and they have always been here from my perspective. My mom did not pass away from this earth, and I did not witness my father date and then marry another woman. I figured that was why my one sister referred to me as her half and my mom her step. No matter, they are all I’ve got in the way of siblings, and I call them my sister and my brother – the extra step and half of that doesn’t matter to me. I love them.

On another note, my eldest sister was still alive when her ex-husband remarried. That new woman wanted my eldest sister’s children to call her mom. She was not only their step-mom, but their real mom was merely a couple of miles away. This confused the kids. My mom, who was the only living mother of my siblings never expected her step-children to call her mom. She did not want to dishonor the memory of their mother.

My mom, when referring to my great, great grandpa says that we are his family. However, his brother is only a “distant relation”. I don’t quite understand this since they were brothers; equal in relation. Yes, one is my great, great-grandfather, and the other is my great, great, great-uncle. But both are part of my history. Both share a genetic make-up of my being. Both to me are family, end of discussion.

Oh, the trials of family! I prefer to say sister, brother, mother, cousin, niece, nephew, etc., and I tend to find it more respectful of the relationship. Yet, there are times when it is disrespectful. Thank goodness our cats don’t argue with me. They are sisters to each other, and I love them all as children. Adopted or otherwise.

Morale of the Story: Treat all with love, no matter how you are related, if at all possible. The benefit is greater than the effort.

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